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Worst Airports are looking at old survey results. Check out the 2014 Worst Airports!

This is our 16th annual Best and Worst Airports for sleeping (or long transit) and it is our biggest ever! We had 18,190 survey and poll responses this year. Wow!!

We asked travellers to tell us which airports they don't like to spend long delays, transits and/or sleep in overnight (due to being stranded by flight cancellations or just travelling on a low budget).

Here at SleepingInAirports we have our four C's: comfort, conveniences, cleanliness and customer service.

Comfort: Thumbs down to armrests and metal seats. And if there are more people standing at the gate than sitting, the airport has a seating problem.
Conveniences: Please give us something to do. In a 2012 Facebook poll 66% said that Free WiFi was the #1 feature that would improve their airport experience. Showers, 24-hour food options are more big pluses.
Cleanliness: Bathrooms that don't make us want to gag when we enter and clean floors for those of us who have to sit on the floor due to limited seating.
Customer Service: Might include bad attitudes, airport scams, kicking airport sleepers to wake them up.

Here is the regional breakdown of the airports voted as the "worst".

Africa Asia Caribbean, Central & South America Europe Middle East North America South Pacific

The annual survey is based on polls and surveys on the site, traveller airport reviews, Facebook comments. This list intended for travellers who plan to sleep in or transit through the airport.

Best and Worst Airports of 2015

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