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While this site has been built upon the comments of travellers vs. airports, I am going to open up this new section for airports to have their say. If you work at an airport and have tips or comments about anything that has been reported....or if you just have funny airport stories that readers would enjoy, send me your comments.

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Here are a few archival messages and an employee review to start.

Airport: Somewhere in Western Europe

* Since many years, I'm responsible for communications at XXX Airport. Officially, I cannot approve sleepers.
* When officials do not provide a good solution for an existing need, it is only natural that people try to find an alternative. You cannot blame them, really..
* Airport public areas are not meant to be dormitories. But in general, if you behave properly, impose no security or safety threat (smoking where not allowed, etc), do not litter and are not a sour to the eye of companies with a commercial interest at airports, airport staff generally looks the other way. My advice for success is to select an area where not too many people pass by. During night time, sleepers are more commonly accepted in airports than during daytime. Transferring passengers often look for a place to nap after a long flight, too. In public areas, airports like to avoid the risk of attracting the homeless. Therefore, sleeping is often allowed more willingly in transit areas.
* I like your site. It's well done. Though I cannot imagine airports like to be rated as "a great place to sleep", they surely feel uncomfortable if they get a "big bad wolf" rating.
* I even might consider providing a link to this site. I'll sleep on that.

Good luck with the site.

Airport: Somewhere in the Middle East

"I was just going through your website and particularly through the "Airport Sleeping Tips". I am the Media Officer at XXX International Airport, my name is XXX

The bits about XXX International Airport, may have been true couple of years ago...however, it no longer holds good. In fact the information is totally outdated now. While, I know that these have been contributed by passengers, I would like to update you that the Airport now is totally different. The old areas (as mentioned in your website) doesn't exist anymore, and hence it is very misleading for readers.

Is there anything we can do about it? Can I send you some information as to what we have inside the airport now (besides a 100-room 5 star hotel). You can, if you have a minute, check out our website, XXX

I look forward to receiving some feedback from you."

Airport: Vancouver Airport

I work at YVR, and have seen people sleeping, and have scouted out MANY spots to take naps myself. There's Free WiFi available now across the entire airport, so there's no need to go near the Fairmont Hotel if you don't want. This is however the best spot to sleep, endless rows of seats with cushions and armrests only ever 3 seats or so which gives you room to curl up and snooze. Flights end around 2am, and don't start again until 6. 24/7 Food at 7-11, Burger King and Subway. Everything else closes a bit early, but with those 3 choices, as long as you're not there daily, it's great! Very clean (most of the time) the cleaners are a bit loud but they won't go out of their way to bother you. Not too cold, or hot, so find a good spot and stretch out. There's people who sleep in the domestic side, mostly I think because they haven't explored, word to the wise GO ALL THE WAY TO THE USA END FOR THE BEST AREA.


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