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Taipei Airport Photos

taipei taoyuan airport

Terminal 2 (Photo Credit: Ryan McFarland)

taipei airport

taipei airport

taipei airport

We arrived in Taipei around 8pm and were to fly out early the following morning. We caught the bus into the city and tried going to Taipei 101, unfortunately we got there quarter of an hour too late. We then went to some pretty dodgy nightmarkets and bought a blanket for the night ahead. By the time we got back to the airport it was around midnight. There was virtually noone to be seen. After wandering around Terminal 1, which was fairly cold, empty, open and brightly lit, we found a children's play area in a closed off room. Inside we found a couple of small leather couches we pushed together and managed to top and tail for a reasonable nights kip. The best part was being able to close the door. We didn't test out the play equipment. On the way back though Taipei, at the end of our holiday, we dscovered the delights of Terminal 2, through departures. The massage chairs are all they're cracked up to be and more. Fantastic!! (Photo Credit: Guest)

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