Bobadilla Train Station

The security guard was reluctant to allow me to sleep there, until he saw me heading for a patch of grass at the front of the station. -Barry

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by Lucia
"I had to stay there for a couple of days waiting for a money trasfer to allow me to buy the ticket to come back home. I omit the list of the place i've been sleeping between Algesiras and Bobadilla... in Bobadilla there's not a city, only desert. And the station, of course. It's an important junction to reach Barcelona. The security guard sayd me i could stay on the bench all night long but i couldn't close my eyes. Impossible, after midnight. So he sayd me to find an accomodation in the office along the track. I was just gone in when he came with not so good few seconds i was again on my bench. And he didn't try anymore to approoach to myself. So i could close my eyes until 6 o'clock."

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