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as a middle-aged female alone in the Terminal, the homeless people were very polite and respectful.
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by a traveller
"I would have felt a lot safer if I spoke French, the National Language. Yes, there are a lot of homeless men, but they are harmless. They band together to protect each other and do not bother anyone. Always one or two are awake as look-outs for cops in a bad mood or gangs. They are kinda like "locals" here, and you find them at the back entrance. Do not go anywhere ewhere no one else is sleeping, because there is the place where there are also no police, but gangs. The police tend to stay in one or two places all night, and probably wouldn't come if you screamed bloody murder, unless you could get someone to go find them. Even without the language problem, as a middle-aged female alone in the Terminal, the homeless people were very polite and respectful. Last note: I gave them my last 10 euro in the morning when I awoke, as I think I slept ok because they were nearby. I notdiced they pooled all their money, although they were different ages, races, etc., clearly not a family or gypsie operation. Good luck, Bon Chance, and a little sharing goes a long way. "

by Phoque
"I had to spend the night (from 11 pm to 4 am if I remember right) at the station as I was waiting for a connecting train to Amsterdam. The general feeling of the place was gloomy, the station is deserted at night, no shopping/entertainement amenities available. After purchasing my ticket, I slept on a metal bench located in a sort of semi-enclosed lounge that wasn't too bad; I slept OK as I'd just got back from a 3-day rock festival which had exhausted me; but the person with me didn't and told me that some weirdo had been around the place and tried to harass me during the night, which I remained totally oblivious to luckily. Overall, it was tolerable. "

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