Airport Adventures: Winnipeg Airport

by mackenzie and alex

We changed into kiddish pajamas in the bathrooms' wheelchair stalls (yes, two!!) then we strutted back to our bunkers for the night, enjoying all the attention our apparel was receiving.

I live in winnipeg and have slept at this airport, I think 4 times now, the first time I did it accidentally. I went there to get on a flight only to find out it was delayed. So I went to a guard and asked if there was a place I could sleep, he just said, "well, I guess if you aren't gonna be too long, you can sleep over there." and pointed to a dark group of seats in a corner a little out of the way. I slept in peace until an announcement (not loud, I guess I was just waking up anyways) woke me up. I looked around at the plasma-screen t.v.'s that display departure and arrival times and saw that I was late for my flight by 10 minutes, but I was too late anyways. I went back to sleep in my little "fort" that I had set up with my luggage.

After that little outing, I went on google and searched a bunch of stuff and I found this! And I visited it and used some of the tips for my next slumber party. This was just to see if I could pull it off for a whole weekend and to have some fun with my buddy. We used hiking backpacks and didn't shave for a few days before we went to make it look like we had been busy little travellers! He asked me on the way if people really did this, so I told him about the site and we went on our way. First we set up our blankets and pillows (two blankets each). By the way, theft isn't a huge deal here, we didn't have any valuables with us though, so we weren't worried anyways. Next we went to a Tim Horton's and a little restaurant next to it and ate at the nice cafeteria while we talked about our cover-story. We went and picked up a couple books and noticed that it was 1:00, the airport was very quite (there don't seem to be any announcements at all in the wee hours of the night). We changed into kiddish pajamas in the bathrooms' wheelchair stalls (yes, two!!) then we strutted back to our bunkers for the night, enjoying all the attention our apparel was receiving. We went to sleep only to be woken up by a guard at, what the t.v. told me was 1:45, and he kindly said, "sorry to wake you guys, but I have to see your passports." We had anticipated this, although I hadn't encountered it in my first experience. We showed him and returned to our peaceful naps.

I have returned twice since then, once again with my buddy a couple weeks later, and last time with my girlfriend, Julia. I have found Winnipeg International to be very comfortable and have explored it thoroughly throughout my sleep-overs. It has many little abandoned nooks and crannies, as well as spacious and nice bathrooms. If you have access to the upstairs lounge that looks like an office (you know which one I mean, the first class one?) USE IT!!! It is very luxurious with leather furniture, fruitbowls, coffee, etc. Though I have only been in there pretending to be lost (just to see what it's like), I think it's great! Everyone there is friendly, except this one guard who never bothered me, but just kept looking at me while he walked around. Also, if you have any questions, ask the cleaning staff, they seem to know everything about the place! Even if you just want historical info about the airport or Winnipeg. There are many hotels around the airport too. The hilton hotel nearby is VERY fancy and luxurious and has a delicious buffet every sunday morning. Go visit, you'll have fun if you know what you're doing!!!"

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