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Big, plenty of space

by dc484153 (May, 2011)

Where: Landside
Pros: couches, lots of space, lights out, bathrooms nearby
Cons: none in particular

Starbucks is definitely the place to go...plenty of couches left out and there are a few power outlets for laptops, cell phones, etc. Had no trouble with 'questionable' people being there, as was the issue in other reviews, but that could very well be on a night to night basis. Overall great experience, would do it again.

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Make sure you pick the right star bucks!!

by Liz211 (December, 2010)

Reason for Stay: Too cheap for a hotel room
Where: Landside

We read a previous review of Zurich airport recommending Starbucks as a good place to sleep, due to the double couches that are left out during the night. So we went and staked out some awesome double couches and got comfortable. But as soon as the main lights went out, we became surrounded by some very questionable people. Two old homeless men on one side who had cans of bourbon, were snoring loudly then yelling at one another for snoring, and at one stage started harassing other young travelers trying to sleep there, grabbing them and yelling - and security was no where to be seen. On the other side, a homeless woman who smelled strongly of vomit. In the end, we gave up our great couches and went to look for another spot. We found another star bucks closer to the check in area that also had couches - they weren't as comfortable as the f continued >>

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Worst transit of my life

by Lamare (January, 2010)

Reason for Stay: Other
Where: Airside

I was in transit at Zurich airport, arriving from a long flight from LAX.Very bad experience with the security gard that deliberately throw my laptop on the floor after scanning as i was in the other side. Conclusion, my laptop broken and after 6 mounth no indemnification.

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nice trip

by mayss94 (October, 2008)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Landside and Airside

I found the airport very beautiful it s big and a lot of very helpful people who spoke with me in my language( french) contrary to other countries where they know how to speak but didn't want to... many things to do the only thing i disliked was the smoking room without air aspiration, lol more than 10 min inside was impossible, but very nice place

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Sleep on the Cheap

by dd-- (July, 2008)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside

Due to the vagaries of confirmed flight-timings, in late July 2008 I found myself over-night in Zurich for a 14 hour lay-over. I arrived from Nis, Srbija, early in the evening, and was not due out to Montreal until late the next morning. Being some-what averse to financing the required taxi transportation and subsequent hotel room for an over-night period of such brevity, I decided to camp out in the Aerodrome Concourse. After doing the bag-drag past interminable rows of metal seating divided by table-top surfaces, I found myself at the Starbucks Cafe. With real upholstered seating, both singles & doubles! The cafe was closing, but this area was out-side the Cafe proper, and was not closed off from publc access. I settled in. I noted it was becoming a some-what popular venue for persons presumably in my situation and my frame continued >>

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