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by web-administrator (February, 2005)

(Contributed by ?) - "Narita Airport is an old friend, I lived in Japan for 4 years and there are plenty of restaurants (Japanese and others), the staff are exceptionally polite and everywhere is spotless. Two gripes 1 - The terminal itself tends to be overheated in winter and a little on the warm side in summer and 2 - Terminal 2 doesn't really have a good foreign language bookshop...loads of books on Japan, but nothing much in the way of novels or light reading. However, compared to Port Moresby or Denpasar, Narita is pretty fantastic!" Added 21 May 2005

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by web-administrator (December, 2004)

(Contributed by ?) - "My parents live in Thailand so as a rule I fly through Narita between 2 and ten times a year. I have spent more than one night holed up in a dark corner of the airport. Being someone who smokes almost a pack a day the plethera of smoking rooms is one of the biggest benifits to being stuck in the airport. With in the last year or so the improvments they have been making to the terminals i9s great. Down stairs away from the bussel of people tring to catch the flight they are fifteen minuets late for are large pleather lazy-boys that at least allow you to recline the backs to vertical. As this is one of the busiest air ports in Asia during the peak hours the intercom almost does not let up calling out flight that are boarding or departing. As the night goes on and flights become more speratic sleep is no problem, especi continued >>

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by web-administrator (July, 2002)

(Contributed by Steve P) - "Narita...the day I was almost accused of being a terrorist! I had just checked my bag through the scanner when a little security guy asked if this was my bag..It was and I was asked to go into an office. Already I had visions of bamboo shoots behind the fingernails what if I am paranoid?? Anyway, he showed me an xray of my bag and it clearly showed a grenade shaped object....Other officers were staring through the window but moved back when I put my hand into the bag....I will never bring back mens deodorant from Japan again...EVER" Added 14 Nov 2004

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by web-administrator (May, 2001)

(Contributed by Mad Molly) - "My brother and I decided to sleep in Tokyo airport, and were there about a day in advance of our flight. We were both extremely tired, and I somehow left my bag on a table, with my passport, visas, money, etc. Lucky they are fairly honest people there, and someone handed it in." Added October 10, 2004

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by web-administrator (March, 2004)

(Contributed by Luisa) - "I had a 24-hour stopover in Tokyo Narita on my way from Australia to Illinois. I spent the night at the airport. At closing time, airport security staff made everybody who was staying the night move to a small brightly-lit area. When everybody was there, several security guards and airport police asked took our details and asked a few questions, then they all left except for one or two who sat and guarded the doorway. All security staff were polite, no hassles or anything.When I slept there, many other people were doing the same so it was very cramped, I didn't have much room to stretch out, and didn't get much sleep. I expected that, though.After checking in to leave, there is an area where you can rent a shower. It's only a few dollars for half an hour (you can pay in US or yen) and is very clean with everythin continued >>

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