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Good stay at Terminal 1 - Landside

by caledonia2008 (May, 2008)

Reason for Stay: Hotels unavailable
Where: Landside

Thought I'd provide a recent update on staying overnight at Narita. It was the middle of 'Golden Week' and all guesthouses in Narita were booked up. Not wanting to pay to the ANA airport hotel, I checked out this website and came to the airport about 7pm to check out the provisions. I was flying out the next morning with KLM so went to Terminal 1. International ATMs (CitiBank/Visa) and internet kiosks (100 yen / 15 mins) are on the first floor (Arrivals Lobby). Paid-for wi-fi is available in most of the airport (6/24 hours) Head to the shopping mall on the 4th floor, there's a relaxation room with comfy chairs and TVs next to the smoking room and the toilets. So safe here, I had no qualms about leaving my luggage trolley as I went into the smoking room or toilet. Do yourself a favour and bring supplies (food/drinks) as everything shuts around 9pm. Or grab a quick snack from McDonald's or the Japanese snack bars before then. At 10pm the polite security officer came and asked everyone (about ten/fifteen people) if they were staying overnight. We were told to go down to the first floor (Arrivals Lobby). We were shepherded into the main lobby - not so comfy chairs here, but the armrests were three seats apart, so if you're 5'10" or below you can lie down flat (bring a travel pillow!). There's a slightly annoying coffee vending machine in the corner, some payphones, a drinking fountain and the toilets and smoking room are just around the corner. The police arrived at 10.30pm to check everyone's passports and flight tickets. Very polite, not threatening at all. At 10.45pm, they check again, and the main lights are dimmed. At 11pm, the sniffer dogs come around continued >>

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My second favorite airport

by Extra Medium (December, 2007)

Reason for Stay: Checking in and had to wait
Where: Landside and Airside

On my way back from Tokyo on business I got to Narita a few hours early just in case. Upon checking into the United counter, being a Perferred Executive member, I had virtually no wait in line. I used every bit of Japanese I learned while in Japan to converse with the nice man helping me through the ticketing process. It turned out he appreciated my effort, and gave me a sticker which allowed me access to the Red Carpet club. I entered, gave my flight information to the lady at the kiosk, and there was litereally about 200 soft sofa chairs for my use. There was also free WiFi, snacks, magazines, free wine, and a nifty beer machine that would take a chilled glass, tilt it, and fill it full of some local Japanese lager. I was able to find a small room to the side, and was able to catch up on some sleep for about an hour. I had about 4 beers which assisted this. Then I felt my pager ring, and it was time to head to my flight. A great experience in Tokyo. The airport is clean, well organized, and is really accomodating to the traveler.

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by web-administrator (June, 2007)

Where: Airside

(Contributed by ?) - "This terminal was expanded and the newest parts were opened in September 2006. There are several floors, and you may want to print online maps to see how far you will have to walk between connecting gates if your connections are tightly spaced. There is an economy lounge that is in the lower level of the Number 2 satellite ( below gate 22). This same satellite terminal has the NWA ticket counter. If you would rather call the toll free NWA reservations number, you can call toll free on any Narita terminal payphone at 0120-120-747."

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by web-administrator (April, 2003)

Where: Airside

(Contributed by Dan Airozo) - "I had taken a flight from San Francisco to Singapore with a plane change and layover in this airport (Narita, Tokyo). I did not have Yen and I had a very hard time finding a place where I could change American dollars into Yen. So I didn't buy anything really in this airport to eat or drink." Added May 15, 2007

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by web-administrator (April, 2007)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by johan) - "Good morning.Its just turned six a.m, and Ive had a good nights sleep. Im a bit surprised, because things didnt turn out just the way I had expected.We heard at the trainstation in tokyo city, that the airport was open 24 hours, and thought it would be a reasonable choice, since all the cheap hotels were booked the last night(saturday, in the flowering season) and we hadnt made a reservation.We took the last train to the airport, and found ourselves a nice space. We were satisfied, and preparing for a good nights sleep, when a policeofficer spotted us, and the fun was over. We had had our own smokingroom, vendingmachines, interned facilities and a view over the APRON. Until now. He told us the airport was closed, and walked us to the nearest elevator. Pressed the button for first floor, and left us. When the doors opened, another official met us, and walked us to the area where we could stay for the night.There was aprox ten other people here, and we were all asked to answer questions, and show our passports to several officers, who took notes on a paper with the text "Investegation of stayers." We also asked to go outside, 20m from where we stayed, to get some fresh air, but it wasnt possible. We were watched all night long by one or several officers, and felt a little deported. But the good thing is, that it was totaly safe. I left my computer for charging on the floor some meters away, and went to sleep.There were vending machines for soft drinks, telephones, nice seats to sleep in, dimmed lighting, perfect toilets and everything extremely clean.Ive slept for five-six hours straight, and Im really satisfied after all.Ive read the airport facil continued >>

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