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by web-administrator (March, 2004)

(Contributed by Luisa) - "I had a 24-hour stopover in Tokyo Narita on my way from Australia to Illinois. I spent the night at the airport. At closing time, airport security staff made everybody who was staying the night move to a small brightly-lit area. When everybody was there, several security guards and airport police asked took our details and asked a few questions, then they all left except for one or two who sat and guarded the doorway. All security staff were polite, no hassles or anything.When I slept there, many other people were doing the same so it was very cramped, I didn't have much room to stretch out, and didn't get much sleep. I expected that, though.After checking in to leave, there is an area where you can rent a shower. It's only a few dollars for half an hour (you can pay in US or yen) and is very clean with everythin continued >>

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by web-administrator (July, 2004)

(Contributed by ?) - "Just a connection, but the airport was filthy and packed with people. Went to the bathroom and the cleaing lady walked in on me mid dump. " Added 08 Aug 04

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by web-administrator (May, 2004)

(Contributed by Alison) - "I hung out at the outdoors observation deck and then slept on some benches just inside for the afternoon and evening -- not pleasant, but do-able. At 10pm security awoke me and asked if I was planning spending the night, and led me to a spot on the first floor where several other folks were sleeping. Overall a great experience -- comfy benches with no armrests, and they turn off the music and even most of the lights for the night. Security takes down your info, and stands by all night (actually wont let you leave), so safety is good. No flights arriving so was very peaceful. Highly recommended. Airport also has free internet access in the departure lounge, and several wireless areas. " Added 10 Jun 04

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by web-administrator (May, 2003)

(Contributed by Matt) - "I spend a night in Narita airport due to a 22 hour stopover between Brisbane Australia, and Chicago USA. As previously mentioned on this site around 10-11pm security herd all the 'leftovers' into a brightly lit room for the night. I had to produce my passport to airport security and the police whilst in here on three occasions, despite having a couple of guards watching over us for the whole time.As the airport doesn't reopen until 6.00am, you are not allowed to leave until this time.Also do not pay to use internet cafes, there are plenty of free laptops spread throughout the airport, which allow you to surf the net. The security permissions will not allow you though to check/send email." Added 05 Jul 03

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by web-administrator (June, 2002)

(Contributed by Angel Monteverde) - "It was the end of the World Cup Soccer in Asia, and I have to sleep over at Narita Airport. After the uneasiness of responding to a questionnaire by the security guards at the airport about what my future plans where in the next 24 hours. (There were about fifty people in my area, trying to catch some sleep), I have a wonderful time ZZZZing at Narita. They turned off the lights and the TV sets at around midnight and they turned them back at around 6 am. (Nice wake up call). the seating was very confortable. So just make sure you have your passport and outbound ticket and you are OK. to sleep over at the Narita "Le Bench" ." Added 17 May 03

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