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Not bad at all

by imoir (November, 2009)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Landside

The airport authorities move everyone staying overnight to the 'meeting point' near exit S1 on level 1 of the south wing of teminal 1 by about 10:30 PM. I had to show my passport to two different people with details of my flight the next morning. The doors are locked overnight and lights are turned off while some policemen watch over us. It was a bit chilly, so a blanket is a good idea. There is a washroom nearby (make sure you try out the washlet, a toilet that washes the affected area with a warm water jet. ) The lights come back on at about 5:30. There are showers available on the second floor for about 6 US per 30 minutes. Very very nice. Use the elevator near exit S3 for access to the shower area which is opened from 7AM to 9PM. The food court is on the fourth floor between the North and South wing.

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Decent night's sleep

by LoneTree (September, 2009)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside

This is my first time sleeping overnight in an airport so I don't have a good basis of comparison, but overall I had a decent night sleep. After reading this website I was fully prepared for the police to round up everyone that was left in the airport and at 10:30 pm an officer came and took me to an area of benches in first floor arrivals with ten other people. The area was well watched by the police and had access to vending machines and restrooms. The police officers even made sure we had benches without armrests. At 11:30 pm they came by to write down my passport information and departing flight numbers and then left us alone for the rest of the night. It seemed the most important thing during in their short list of questions was that you are on a flight leaving the next day. Most of the lights and all of the music shut down at midnight and I slept soundly until I woke up at 6:00 am the next morning. At 1:00 am they must have shut off the air conditioning as it became fairly warm for the rest of the night, but was still manageable. Overall I would say I had a good experience, felt very safe with the police watching over me, and was not inconvenienced by being sent to the overnight watch area. The dimming of lights and overhead speaker cut-off was a major bonus.

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Night in Narita

by sfsm97 (December, 2008)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Landside

I was on transit from Singapore to Guam (next morning flight), and thought initially of staying within the transit area. But in Narita, they don't let you stay overnight in the transit area. So I had to go out via customs and immigration and wait in the main hall. There are nice comfy chairs, but the security there don't let you just sleep anywhere. After midnight, they round you up and everyone has to sleep together at the groundfloor area in a corner with the security guy looking after you. That was fine, except that (1) they kept interrupting my sleep TWICE to ask for my name and particulars. (2) at around 1pm, they switched off the heater and lights, causing the temperature to drop (it was around zero outside), and I couldn't sleep. Wouldn't mind sleeping there again, but next time, bring warm blankets!

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Horrible place to sleep

by flyfresno (July, 2008)

Reason for Stay: Too cheap for a hotel room
Where: Landside

This was my worst experience sleeping in an airport ever. Everything closed down around 8pm, so the vending machines were all there was to buy anything to eat/drink. The security kept moving me around, and since I didn't speak Japanese and they didn't speak English, we had a very hard time coming to an understanding. When I finally got moved to the small area where they put everyone who wants to sleep there, I was constantly woken up and asked for my passport, about every hour. They would copy info down and then give it back. The security all stood in a circle around the group of passengers who were sleeping with their arms felt like we were prisoners. There are no ATMs inside security. Most of the signs in the airport are in Japanese only...and most of the flights out of the airport are to the US. Not a good policy. It's obvious that they don't want people staying in the airport, and I sort of felt like they didn't want Americans there at all. Stay away!

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Good stay at Terminal 1 - Landside

by caledonia2008 (May, 2008)

Reason for Stay: Hotels unavailable
Where: Landside

Thought I'd provide a recent update on staying overnight at Narita. It was the middle of 'Golden Week' and all guesthouses in Narita were booked up. Not wanting to pay to the ANA airport hotel, I checked out this website and came to the airport about 7pm to check out the provisions. I was flying out the next morning with KLM so went to Terminal 1. International ATMs (CitiBank/Visa) and internet kiosks (100 yen / 15 mins) are on the first floor (Arrivals Lobby). Paid-for wi-fi is available in most of the airport (6/24 hours) Head to the shopping mall on the 4th floor, there's a relaxation room with comfy chairs and TVs next to the smoking room and the toilets. So safe here, I had no qualms about leaving my luggage trolley as I went into the smoking room or toilet. Do yourself a favour and bring supplies (food/drinks) as everything shuts around 9pm. Or grab a quick snack from McDonald's or the Japanese snack bars before then. At 10pm the polite security officer came and asked everyone (about ten/fifteen people) if they were staying overnight. We were told to go down to the first floor (Arrivals Lobby). We were shepherded into the main lobby - not so comfy chairs here, but the armrests were three seats apart, so if you're 5'10" or below you can lie down flat (bring a travel pillow!). There's a slightly annoying coffee vending machine in the corner, some payphones, a drinking fountain and the toilets and smoking room are just around the corner. The police arrived at 10.30pm to check everyone's passports and flight tickets. Very polite, not threatening at all. At 10.45pm, they check again, and the main lights are dimmed. At 11pm, the sniffer dogs come around continued >>

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