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Sleeping on the street in St. Petersburg

by web-administrator (July, 2004)

(Contributed by ?) "July 2004 - We'd planned to sleep in the basement of an apartment block we'd found earlier but then missed the last metro train. Rather than pay for a cab, we opted to just sleep on Nevsky Prospect at the bottom of a flight of stairs to a basement-level shop. It was noisy with people smashing bottles and yelling, police busting people and demanding bribes, raining, cold, rats, people yelling at us every now and then when we were seen - not sure how it could be worse. Don't do it! Go to a bar for godsake!" Added 08 Aug 04

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Sleeping on the street outside a bank

by web-administrator (January, 2009)

(Contributed by jhp) "August 2003 - I paid a long visit to Scotland 2003 and happened to visit the Isle of Skye too, were I drove to the beautiful village of Portree. I got there on a bus, nothing special, you just have to cross a bridge if you don't like swimming 1 mile. Arriving in Portree i found it a clean an nice village with the nice little bars in the harbor-area ;) But then our busdriver informed me of him not being able to fix his broken buscrapsomethinginthemotororwhatever and right after that my wallet informed me of being close to empty, so i had to spend my night there. With 2 pounds in my pocket and bars closing at 10 pm I got myself a strongbow and ventured out to search for a place to sleep. Then, a flash of light come from the heavens and, my jesus be praised, there stood a bank in front of me! And a nice one, too. Since it was a warm night and the police was patrolling nearby i fell asleep and really got 7h of sleep! Noone disturbed me, noone stole my things and i didn't even catch a cold! Only downside: The next day I found my money, wich decided to hide faaaar down in my rucksack, under some used..uhm...clothes.. I spent the next night in a nice cottage and could continue my journey." Added 16 March 2005

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Sleeping on a bench on the Champs Elyse

by web-administrator (January, 2009)

(Contributed by Jason) "I recently cycled from London to Paris. I arrived in Paris at 1:00am on the third day, tired hungry and completely lost (my first time there). I didn't have the energy to try and find a hotel so settled for a bench on the Champes Eleyse which, after about 3:00am, proved to be fairly quite and apart from being disturbed by the occasional prostitute plying for trade had a well earned sleep. Later that same morning, about 7:00am I cycled over to the Eiffel Tower where I found two Danish girls who, I assume, had also arrived in Paris late as they were still both asleep inside a telephone kiosk much to the disgust of a French street cleaner."

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Sleeping in a doorway

by web-administrator (January, 2009)

(contributed by Rob Wilhite) "I was in Innsbruck over the summer just making a stop. I decided to go out that night and still did not have a place to stay. Anyway, I had a great time that night and decided that best place for me to stay would be the old town. So I curled up in the doorway of one of the flats in the old town and slept all night. I woke up that morning and the people were very nice who lived there. They gave me breakfast and then I headed on."

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Sleeping in a garden outside the train station

by web-administrator (January, 2009)

(Contributed by Barry K, Ireland) "Visited Cote d'Azur for Monaco Grand Prix a few years ago - Eze is up the coast, and slept first night in the muck of the garden of its train station - good night's kip it ust be said, and a nice swim in the Med next morning refreshes nicely. Second night, slept on the flat roof of a residential house on the seafront - many were doing this. Excellent quality sleep. Nice cafe opens early across the road. (May 1991) "

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