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Fine place to sleep

by vladis (January, 2013)

Reason for Stay: Just for the fun of it
Where: Airside
Pros: free wifi, lot of free AC plugs behind chairs
Cons: a bit cold in the night

This was my first flight from this airport. Sleeping overnight here was fine. Best time to sleep is imo between 12 PM and 5 - 6 AM in case after this time it is a bit crowdly. When you start to save energy in your laptop, etc. look behind seatings - there are free 220V AC plugs (oposite check ins). Good opinion is sleep with in ear earphones and covered eyes. Good luck :)

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Don't go through security if you are transfering...

by jl09je (August, 2013)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Airside
Pros: Seats with no arms, plugs in cafes, free and fast wifi
Cons: Better seats and lounger chairs to lie in before security

I was flying from London-Shanghai via Helsinki and had a 17 hour stopover. My biggest mistake was proceeding through security as there were so many comfy chairs and loungers by the gates! It is much quieter and there is less people walking around by the gates. Of course, if you want proper food, you would need to proceed through security as there are just vending machines around the gates. On the whole, in the 'arrivals' it wasn't too bad as I brought a sleeping bag which I highly recommend as the 'padded' chairs are actually quite hard. Also brought ear plugs and an eye mask as the lights are on all night (although dimmed). I looked on this website and saw most people recommending the area between Terminals 1-2. This was the quieter area (although people walking through with suitcases) Note: The security gates close around midnight continued >>

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would do it again!

by sleeping around (July, 2013)

Reason for Stay: Just for the fun of it
Where: Landside
Pros: many places to sleep, free WiFi, cheaper food
Cons: bright lights

I spent a night at Vantaa airport coming from London too late in the to catch the last ferry to Estonia. I am amazed! The airport is very clean and quiet, has free WiFi and many places for charging your phone or computer or whatever you may need to use. There are benches all over the place, starting with the one in terminal 1, moving on to the ones in between 1 and 2 and also some in terminal 2(that seems to be a little warmer to me). There are also softer ones at the cafeteria in terminal 2, noone was forced to buy stuff or woken up by an angry worker. There is a 24 hour store in terminal 2 offering food at a relatively normal price, so don't buy an overpriced salad or pizza from a cafe!

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Certainly one of the best

by hogdoodie (January, 2013)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Airside
Pros: Quiet, ample comfortable seating, safe, many power sockets, 24hr free wifi
Cons: Cool temperatures inside terminal,

I have taken many flights from many airports but Helsinki is one of the best for a night sleep over. Everything shuts down around 23.00 leaving many very quiet, comfortable areas to bed down. No annoying announcements, few people, many power outlets and Free Wifi. Make sure you are well fed and have drinks on arrival as beer and snacks are pricey. Lighting can be a little bright in some areas but head for Cafe Tori and a good nights sleep will set you up for your morning flight.

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I missed out on the nice comfy area after security around Gate 31 :/

by Leann (September, 2012)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Landside and Airside
Pros: Free wifi (watching youtube vides no problem!), feeling safe, enough space
Cons: The ceiling lights going back on at 5am, the benches not as comfy as hoped

I had already read the reviews for Helsinki Vantaa Airport on this website and packed accordingly for a night at the airport (sleeping bag, pillow, warm clothes etc.), so my expectations were a little too high for getting a good night's rest. My flight arrived at 3pm in the afternoon and the connecting flight wasn't until 6.30am the next morning. My luggage was checked through, so I only had to take care of my carry-on luggage with my stuff for the night. I put that in the locker (downstairs from T2 arrival area, 6 Euro for one-time locking for max. 24hrs, it wasn't generally possible to open and close the lock in between to take stuff out etc). There is also a counter for luggage questions (?) where it might be possible to leave luggage - not sure 100 per cent, maybe someone can check that and post an update. Anyway, the guy at that continued >>

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