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A nice experience

by SC (February, 2014)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Pros: Safe(Door Locked), Soft Long Bench, Dim Light, wifi
Cons: Crazy Toy Car

I slept there for an early departure. In general, the airport is very friendly for overnight stay. The floor is clean, several long sofa benches without handlebar are in the corridor. After around 00:00, the security staff came to check boarding pass and asked if we will stay overnight.Afterward the light dim and the entrance door locked. Toilet is on -1 floor with drinkable water served (tap water). U can also buy coffee next to the entrance. wifi is available for one hour free if your phone is till active in Germany by receiving a code via sms. Only disadvantage: there is a child place very close to three benches. The toy car 'sang' a song for 10 seconds every 15 mins in whole night round. The sound is not loud but still annoying enough. If you can not stand it, better to go to the end of the corridor. In all, it was a nice continued >>

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Short but calm night

by Ctsg (March, 2013)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside
Pros: Warm, comfortable seats, lights go down around midnight
Cons: At 4am the airport becomes full again and it's har do keep sleeping

After the doors close (i only got there at midnight) they only let ticket holders get in. It made me feel more secure but if you want some company you have to ask very very nicely. I found a dark and calm place but around 4am they turned on the lights and opened the doors, i couldn't sleep more because of all the people passing by. Anyway, it's a good option for an early flight like mine.

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An ok night in Bremen

by totor_2 (January, 2012)

Where: Landside
Pros: Coach and WC
Cons: Security check

Quite comfy airport. If you go to the main terminal (Ryan air terminal sucks) you will find big coach without armrests. I also appreciated WC with cold and warm drinkable water. Then, you don't have to buy water. There is also a nice bar where I could watch a 1/8th final champions league and enjoy cheap beers. This airport is also close to the city. The problem is that the proximity with the airport involves security check during the night. So don't forget to printout you boarding pass because guards will ask you to prove that you're a real traveller and not homeless.

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Pleasant night

by stranger (August, 2010)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside
Pros: Comfy cushioned decks
Cons: None

One of the best aiports I've ever slept. Lots of comfortable cushioned decks available, quiet, respectful security and cleanliness staff. The only wrong thing was that there weren't many shops or bars/restaurants, but if you just want to sleep, Bremen Airport was the perfect place.

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Great location, compfy seating, bakery

by Daddsy (February, 2010)

Reason for Stay: Too cheap for a hotel room
Where: Landside

Me and a friend visited Bremen to goto a gig in the venue near the town. Considering ryanair fly there it's really very close to the town centre. We maybe cut it quite fine when getting back to the airport at night, the doors seemed to get locked around 11:30. The security woman walked around with her dog until 12 checking boarding passes. There was a nice bakery near where we slept which let us eat in the evening and meant we got crossaints for breakfast. Benches in the lobby were compfy, and the lobby was very warm considering it was snowing outside. We got woken up at 5 by the early morning commuters but who can complain at that. No free wifi was annoying, especially as I'm used to getting that everywhere. Considering that by staying in the airport the flight, stay, gig, dinner and drinks was less than the train and ticket in London, i continued >>

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