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One short night un my life

by Crapsy (August, 2014)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside
Pros: The confortable seat
Cons: The annoucement

When i arrive to the airport, i hve visit all ! But i was frustrate, because They are no seat without armrests. However in the close restaurant, i found a confortable red seat where i have pass the night. I have had no problem with the security or Something else. At 4 o'clock the morning i have been wake up by the noise. Good night

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Good Night!!!

by Vanessa (January, 2014)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside
Pros: Normal people waiting for flights (15 people aprox)
Cons: Chairs may not be comfortable to sleep

I spent the night in Basel airport like one week ago(end of January), I have to say it was as expected: no such a good night but acceptable if you want to safe the money of the hotel and made your trip with Easyjet worthy economically speaking I was looking for information on the internet regarding if it was possible to go through security area and until what time it was opened but I could not find anything, so I called the airport and they said you need to have a ticket to flight on the same day to get through security, so I knew I would have to stay in the arrival lounge I was afraid of being alone since there are not too many reviews on the internet of people staying in this airport and I was traveling alone So I decided to arrive kind of early like 10:30 in case I dont like the environment so I still could go back to Basel with the b continued >>

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quite nice night

by sofi (September, 2011)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside
Pros: safe
Cons: too noisy

After reading some reviews I was quite frightened, but I decide to risk it. It was quite crowded, a lot of young people waiting for their morning flights. I found some metal seats without armchairs and slept there. I had my sleep in bag so it was ok. THere were all night long people cleaning with some noisy machines, and a lot of people hanging around. In addition very frequently there were warning announcements concerning baggages safety. Conclusion : my biggest fear was to be there alone but finally it was something more than safe. I was very glad to hear people wake me up with their voices! PS I dont know how it would be in some winter month without any people around...

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Excellent, but lonely...

by ghurley (November, 2008)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside

Located upon the border of Switzerland and France - and also close to Germany - the very modern and ultra clean Basel (German) or Bale (French) "EuroAirport" has a Swiss sector and an EU sector, which are separated by full immigration / customs controls. I stayed overnight in the Swiss sector, prior to a 0700 departure on EasyJet. Slept on a relatively comfortable 4-seater chair (without armrests), in an upper level observation area. As far as I could assess, I was the only person sleeping in the airport that night, which was slightly scary and I would have felt safer if there had been a few others... There was no visible security, but perhaps it was discreet? Anyway, it worked out fine. There were the usual announcements about keeping your baggage with you at all times (every 20 minutes all night) but every airport I've stayed in has the continued >>

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by web-administrator (July, 2007)

We were four friends and we spent the night in the main lobby, swiss side. Its very clean and safe! (as French side) There were some policemen in the terminal, so we had not problems!

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