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Zurich Airport Review

by web-administrator (January, 2015)

Pros: -
Cons: -

(Guest Review) I had a 24h layover in Zurich Airport from 6:50 am to the same time the following day (Bangkok Zurich Stockholm). Landside is horrible. Staying on landside is really not recommendable as there are no comfortable seats (except at a cafe in the airport centre and at starbucks). There are two supermarkets in the airport centre where you can get to know Swiss prices, but they are still cheaper than the sandwiches and drinks from the restaurants and cafes. I wouldn't know where I could sleep staying landside, since I though the Starbuck sofas where pretty small. Walked around for 2h to find a power outlet and couldn't find one that does not have the Swiss type (which is different to European/ British/ American types). Got my boarding pass at noon and crossed over to airside. Much better options: power outlets everywhere, good s continued >>

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Worst day of my life

by solange (March, 2014)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Landside
Pros: Nothing

F*** This was a nightmare. I had to take a flight from Madrid to Oslo with a scale of 12 hours in Zurich. My stay was at the airport all night, IT WAS HORRIBLE !!!, I did not find a restaurant or fast food open, I had to steal water from a coffee store because the drinkers did not work, whenever I found some guy from staff of cleaners and I asked where I could find a safe place to sleep, they said that they did not speak English. The wifi did not work. Everything was dark, and all the time that I never saw even a watchman or policeman or someone similar, there were some creepy people also stayinf there, and I was very scared. Its not at all a nice place for a young woman alone to overnight, Now I think that overnight in Central Park is safer!!! I hope to never return to this place. This can not be a Flight Airport Connection, and does not continued >>

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Zurich Airport

by web-administrator (September, 2014)

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Cons: -

(GUEST) I am always happy when I have a layover in this airport because it has such a soothing atmosphere. No matter where I am coming from, when I enter the terminal I just feel at peace with myself!

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The best.

by tashore14 (March, 2013)

Reason for Stay: Too cheap for a hotel room
Where: Landside
Pros: The most peaceful airport in Europe.
Cons: What cons? Okay, there were some homeless, but they're alright.

Zurich isn't cheap, so a nice little trip to the airport for the night is an ideal way of saving money, even with the slightly pricey, albeit efficient, trains from town to the airport. Really, I had a terribly pleasant night there. There are some homeless people, but it's Switzerland; they're fairly safe as well. Police and soldiers are everywhere, but not at all troublesome. I wholeheartedly recommend it as Switzerland's cheapest hostel.

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Better night's sleep than I expected

by Khai13 (August, 2013)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Airside
Pros: Free Wifi, lots of travellers around(safety in numbers), free phone charger
Cons: Cushioned seats- but with partitions between them, free wifi 60 mins only

Arrival 9:15pm at Zurich airport. Transfer at 7:10am the next morning. I felt it was not worth it to go to a hotel, so I decided to experience sleeping in the airport itself. After all, it's just for a few hours. I had a quick dinner and found a waiting area on the airside where a lot of people were gathered. The airport slowly closed(?)- shops shut off their lights and restaurant workers started going home around 10:30pm. There were still lights on in the corridors of shops, but the waiting area, which had a terrific view of the airplanes outside, was almost all dark. Good for sleeping. There was cleaning going on, but the noise wasn't too bad. I even found a seat near a free phone charger, cos they would only charge your phone for 20 minutes before the charging stopped. You could still leave your phone there, but it wouldn't charge continued >>

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