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Leave the secured area to sleep!

by ranger (September, 2013)

Reason for Stay: Too cheap for a hotel room
Where: Landside and Airside
Pros: Cushioned benches in the food court
Cons: No power outlets in food court

After security is not the worst place to sleep, especially if you prefer sleeping on hard surfaces. It has hard benches without armrests and a few cushioned seats. Unfortunately, the cleaning crew was constantly vacuuming while I was there. If you're like me and prefer a cushioned surface, I highly recommend you leave security and sleep in the landside area. The food court, although brightly lit, has benches with cushions in the center and no armrests. They surround an aquarium, which was nice to watch. Just make sure you charge your electronics beforehand, as there are no outlets in the vicinity. I had three other 'bunkmates' the night I stayed in the food court, so get there early to claim your spot. I got a solid four hours of sleep. If you prefer hard benches and are before security, the large open area by the Hilton is also nic continued >>

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nowhere to sleep

by caljr (April, 2011)

Reason for Stay: Just for the fun of it
Where: Landside and Airside
Pros: free wifi
Cons: no places to sleep

TPA is loud, bright and uncomfortable to try to sleep in. One half decent place to try is a walk way between the Marriott and the terminal. The chairs and tables are strategically placed so you cant put your feet up. Nice place to visit but I will try to avoid this airport if the potential for sleeping is in play. Everything except starbucks is closed overnight. free wifi is the bonus.

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Concrete Pipe

by elswood (March, 1988)

Reason for Stay: No Money
Pros: Free, solid structure
Cons: Cold

Here's one that will work anywhere. My friend and I were backpacking around the USA with very little money. We ended up in Orlando, with no money for a hotel. But, luckily, we found a stack of massive 5 foot wide concrete pipes used for building drainage system. With our sleeping bags they made the perfect camp. Only draw back is the local law enforcement came by in the middle of night and didn't see the funny side. Thankfully there were kind enough to provide us with a private secure room at their place for the rest of the night and clear instructions to get out of their town at sunrise :)

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Great Airport

by Flackist (January, 2011)

Reason for Stay: Too cheap for a hotel room

We stayed the night at Orlando Airport because we had a 9 hour overnight layover. had planned on staying in airport hotel, but was 150 and we would have stayed 5 hours. This airport is super clean, safe and there are tons of palces to sleep: long benches with cushions by the bathrooms, lots of cushioned chairs with near by ottomans. we slept on a long curved cushioned bench in the food court. Back of bench was a huge wall of plants,that provided some privacy; benches faced the center of the food court that had a huge fish tank which was soothing. The lighting was dim, and the announcements not too loud.I worse foam earplugs and was out. McDonald's was right there and opened at 0430. Starbucks was open all night. I'll never get a hotel if I have another overlay in Orlando

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full of people and kids at all hours

by airportreviewer (October, 2009)

Where: Landside and Airside

One of the nuttiest airports you've ever seen. Why you can't find your friends is there's an A side and a B side in the same building and they look exactly the same like an alternative universe bad tv show. Its like the movie Murder by Death. And you can only get to the other side via the top floor. Lots of food. tsa doesn't care if you're not right next to your luggage cart while you're in line at the food court. No outlets for your laptop. There's only one outlet in the entire food court. Security is extremely tight around the Hyatt in that airport so don't expect to get to the couches in their lobby. The benches are all grabbed early, and again there's no outlets. Very helpful maintenance, they went out of their way to fix the wheels on my suitcase. Its a hassle to get to by bus and the bus may as well stop running at 7pm. Disneyworld continued >>

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