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by web-administrator (April, 2004)

(Contributed by Felipe Barini) - "Hands down to the administration of this bus terminal. New resting areas, including a (good) food square, good ilumination, better signs, easier access from Tiet subway station to the terminal, new ticket counters and improved security. However, it stills a bus terminal, so, as we say here in Rio, "one eye on the celebration, another one on the priest". Always keep your bags close to you. The seats have high armrests, probably designed to not allow anyone to sleep. But you can have a nap at the tables in front of Bobs snack bar, near the 1001 boarding room. Oh, a tip: if youre heading Rio, try to get a 1001 ticket. It has the same price of the other companies, but they have an amazing boarding room, with terrific chairs, air conditioning, water and a free magazine. Thats what it counts!!!" Added 14 MAY 04

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by web-administrator (February, 2000)

(Contributed by Filipe Barini) - "NEVER EVER EVER think of sleeping in here!!! Only if you love to be robbed or even got spanked by some skinheads who travel by subway and go there to find poor people coming from the North. The travellers from the North are also a problem, cos if one goes or arrives, about twenty relatives go there to see him/her. There are a lot of strange people who walk around and try to cheat all those who are arriving. Some of them even speak English. There is a constant smell of urine all around. The terminal is open all night, and really unsafe. There are no security guards and, to make things worse, the seats are plastic made, impossible to sleep. Oh, another thing: there is also a cold wind, which makes you freeze all night, even if it's summer. NO WAY!!!"

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by web-administrator (July, 2004)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by Mikka) - "I ended up sleeping at the bus station as I my bus from Buenos Aires was nearly 6 hours ahead of schedule for some strange reason and I missed the last to Rio by 15 minutes so I had to stay overnight at the bus station. The bus itself is OK for staying overnight, however, itsnt probably a good idea stay there overnight with all your luggage, as had to do. Besides all the seats are with armrests, so isnt so comfortable unless you are really tired like I." Added 06 April 06

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by web-administrator (February, 2007)

Where: Landside

Contributed by Tina) - "After travelling 76 hours through south-america, I decided to take the last 1500 km by plane. The problem was, that this hadn't been the official turn, so that I had to check in again in Sao Paulo.Ok until Now.After 6 hours waiting I went to the check in and the lady told me that I should pay 77 Reals,(about 25 Euro) in Argentina I had lost my master card, and had no money at all, and the stewardess did not want to check my stuff in. I went almost crazy, because she wasn't able to speak either spanish nor english, so she told me to go to "conny?" and conny said that she couldn't do anything and told me to go back to "debby". I spent my last 4 hours discussing with half of the TAM-crew. They didn't want me to go through. I was desperate and also asked the pilot to help me. The last 1 minutes before check-boarding time began and I still had my two backpacks with me. I did not know what to do and started to ask passengers to give me money. One man, from Paraguay, Mohammad, helped me at once and we started a marathon through the airport. I just jumped into the airoplane, and prommissed him to name my first child MOHAMMad;) well, I will think about that.SO, for the next time, always have the "untouched money" hidden somewhere for these situations.About the sleeping situation I unfortunately can't say much^^ love bye bye, Tina from Hamburg" Added 01 April 2007

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by web-administrator (September, 1996)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by Jess) - "While traveling, I found GRU to be safe and sound. I spent 3 different nights there while traveling between Brazilian cities and never had a problem. I managed to create a comfortable/safe bed with the backpack I was traveling with, and get a decent night sleep each time. PS, GRU is quite the international airport and I loved passing time looking at the flight schedule wishing that I could just fly to any of those international cities!" Added 06 April 06

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