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by web-administrator (March, 2005)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by mohammed) - "i landed on Sunday afternoon in Sao Paulo but by connecting flight to Mexico city was the next morning.i was not really hungry so i just had a coffee. things seemed expensive to me - as in almost all airports.i had my sleeping bag with me so i just laid it out behind the information desk on the 1st floor. i had an excellent sleep.there was not much noise from announcements but whenever a flight landed there was a burst of noise - but it was Ok.i didnt really notice cleaning staff- maybe since it was Sunday afternnoon, they were off?i woke up fresh the next morning, i washed/brushed at the restroom- it was kinda clean- but not really so.i had a coffee and some little cake/muffin thingie.then i rested until the boarding for my flight started-overall-OK experience but hardly anyone seemed to speak an acceptable l continued >>

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by web-administrator (November, 2005)

Where: Landside and Airside

(Contributed by Tara) - "Wanting to catch a bit of shut eye during the 14 hours I had between flights I decided to stay in Sao Paulo airport. Rather than venture out into the city that I heard only bad stories about I consulted this website for the best place to rest my nog. I arrived at two am in the morning and found the place fairly populated but was determined to find a little area to call my own. After reading another entry i was headed for a quiet passage way on the first floor in terminal 2 were i could rest undisturbed. However, thinking I knew the ins and outs I peaked too early and set up my sleeping bag and using my back pack as a hugable sleeping companion I drifted off in the wrong wing. It wasnt too bad I was able to sleep unroused for about three hours with a sleeping mask on as it was very light. but at around 5.30 -6 am m continued >>

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by web-administrator (January, 2005)

(Contributed by ?) - Sao Paulo's international airport is far from Sao Paulo city (and a very ugly ride through grim industrial areas), there is no train service yet (but planned)...the cheapest bet is to take an Airport Bus (for around 15). Some of the airlines provide free transfers to the national airport, in the city. It is a moderately large, ugly, concrete airport, and a hub for flights to the southern cone region. Most airline staff should speak English and Portunhol. Overnight sleeping shouldn't be a problem. Security is low-key, but existent. Should exchange money at the official exchange houses, not with strangers. Not much different than a smaller, older European or North American airport, not nearly as nice as some of the newer, smaller Brazilian airports. " Added 16 Oct 05

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by web-administrator (August, 2005)

(Contributed by mikensf74) - "Flying Varig - we had a 5 hour layover. We were permitted thru security 5 hours before departure so opted to sleep in the boarding area.We were not the only ones sleeping in the airport. There were many people, usually in bunches of groups. The chairs have arm-rests but we were creative; for every 3 chairs is a table. We alligned the chairs up in rows in order to lay in a chair, while our legs spread out over 2 tables. Bearable!The TV'S at every gate cannot be turned down manually. They were loud. But, at a certain how they "magically" all turned off and a very cool 80s one hit wonders/pop American music mix played instead. Very cool! Hearing this music I didn't want to sleep after all. LOLThe cleaning staff was LOUD and not respectful to us or other sleepers. Boo to them!Security was around, but could care l continued >>

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by web-administrator (June, 2004)

(Contributed by Rabble) - "My flight back from Brazil to the Miami was canceled due to weather in the US. American Airlines refused to put me up in a hotel, so i slept in the airport. If you go up to the second floor there is a rather expensive internet cafe. On the third floor on the runway side there are a number of hallways which go back to where you can see out to the planes. If you wander around you'll find little knook hallways which deadend. They aren't visited by cleaning staff nor security in the night.I had a very night's sleep with my mat and sleeping bag. Nobody bothered me, perhaps because i went unseen.There were anoying anoucements over the loud speakers, but they aren't that loud on the third floor.The hotels in the area cost a minimum of 50 a night, so if you're saving money it's a nice airport to sleep in." Added 23 Sep continued >>

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