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by web-administrator (August, 2003)

(Contributed by regina from san francisco, california) - "it was august 2003 and my husband and i were on the last leg of a 2 week vacation in rio. we were in buzios, and for about 5 days, we had been using our credit card for purchases on rooms and nick nacks. we were out of money, but knew we could still indulge with our credit card.after lunch, we wander into a jewelry store, i choose a necklace, and we proceed to pay, but the credit machine doesn't accept the transaction. we kinda look at eachother like "oh shit", because we are completely out of currency. so, we go to a nearby souveneir shop, where we can "test" our card on a 3 item. sure enough, it's maxed out!so, we scurry back to our pousada, talking about what we would do. our flight from sao paulo to lax won't leave for two days, and we're flat broke.so, since i'm the only one w continued >>

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by web-administrator (March, 2003)

(Contributed by Adam Buckley) - "I had an 8 or 9 hour stopover in this airport, waiting for an Amsterdam flight. The seats were comfortable, I remember, but were full of people also waiting 8 or 9 hours. So I slept on the floor - nobody seemed to mind.The noise of announcements and people was minimal, although I remember it wasn't quite warm enough. There was also a small snack bar, which had an OK vibe, but with crap food.I was 'behind' passport control, so at no point did I feel unsafe." Added 12 OCT 03.

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by web-administrator (December, 2002)

(Contributed by ?) - "A couple of years ago, I spent 11 hours in the Sao Paulo Airport. After an all-night travel on an uncomfortable airline, I was dreading this layover. It turns out that not only are the airline workers clueless and lie to appease you, but they take forever to answer your questions, even in Portuguese. I tried sleeping several times, only be woken up by the FREQUENT "cleaning" of the maintenance crew. Not many travelers were traveling that day and I felt fairly comfortable about my surroundings, probably because I spent 10 hours locked up in the terminals." Added 25 May 03.

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by web-administrator (May, 2002)

(Contributed by David) - "I had a 8 hours transit stayover in may 2002 at San Paulo Airport (Terminal 2 I beleive). Without visa, I couldn't leave the airport transit section and I'll just say this was one of the worst airport I've ever had to sleep at. Minimal facilities, one expensive snack bar, no entertainment and the only chairs available came with armrests. Needless to say, I got next to no sleep that night. This is a definite no go airport in my book." Added 30 Mar 03.

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by web-administrator (January, 2000)

(Contributed by ?) - "Once, I and a friend went on a budget travel to Brazil. We went to Sao Paulo by bus, and firstly we thought we can sleep in Tiete Central, but was a dangerous place, full of "trombadinhas" (thieves), and piss smell so we went by taxi to Congonhas Airport. There we were safe, the people was mainly executives waiting for their internal flights or company private jets. When an officer asked us what we was doing there, we started to talk half french, half english. The poor guard only could speak portuguese, and called some United Airlines or American to translate. SHIT!!!. We have to talk English to the English speaking UA employees asking for mercy. They said to the security guard we were from Deutschland waiting for a private jet or some shit like that. The airport was 10 points, good bathrooms, nice coffee. Recommende continued >>

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