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by web-administrator (July, 2004)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by Mikka) - "I ended up sleeping at the bus station as I my bus from Buenos Aires was nearly 6 hours ahead of schedule for some strange reason and I missed the last to Rio by 15 minutes so I had to stay overnight at the bus station. The bus itself is OK for staying overnight, however, itsnt probably a good idea stay there overnight with all your luggage, as had to do. Besides all the seats are with armrests, so isnt so comfortable unless you are really tired like I." Added 06 April 06

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by web-administrator (February, 2007)

Where: Landside

Contributed by Tina) - "After travelling 76 hours through south-america, I decided to take the last 1500 km by plane. The problem was, that this hadn't been the official turn, so that I had to check in again in Sao Paulo.Ok until Now.After 6 hours waiting I went to the check in and the lady told me that I should pay 77 Reals,(about 25 Euro) in Argentina I had lost my master card, and had no money at all, and the stewardess did not want to check my stuff in. I went almost crazy, because she wasn't able to speak either spanish nor english, so she told me to go to "conny?" and conny said that she couldn't do anything and told me to go back to "debby". I spent my last 4 hours discussing with half of the TAM-crew. They didn't want me to go through. I was desperate and also asked the pilot to help me. The last 1 minutes before check-boarding time began and I still had my two backpacks with me. I did not know what to do and started to ask passengers to give me money. One man, from Paraguay, Mohammad, helped me at once and we started a marathon through the airport. I just jumped into the airoplane, and prommissed him to name my first child MOHAMMad;) well, I will think about that.SO, for the next time, always have the "untouched money" hidden somewhere for these situations.About the sleeping situation I unfortunately can't say much^^ love bye bye, Tina from Hamburg" Added 01 April 2007

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by web-administrator (September, 1996)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by Jess) - "While traveling, I found GRU to be safe and sound. I spent 3 different nights there while traveling between Brazilian cities and never had a problem. I managed to create a comfortable/safe bed with the backpack I was traveling with, and get a decent night sleep each time. PS, GRU is quite the international airport and I loved passing time looking at the flight schedule wishing that I could just fly to any of those international cities!" Added 06 April 06

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by web-administrator (November, 2005)

Where: Landside and Airside

(Contributed by Tara) - "Wanting to catch a bit of shut eye during the 14 hours I had between flights I decided to stay in Sao Paulo airport. Rather than venture out into the city that I heard only bad stories about I consulted this website for the best place to rest my nog. I arrived at two am in the morning and found the place fairly populated but was determined to find a little area to call my own. After reading another entry i was headed for a quiet passage way on the first floor in terminal 2 were i could rest undisturbed. However, thinking I knew the ins and outs I peaked too early and set up my sleeping bag and using my back pack as a hugable sleeping companion I drifted off in the wrong wing. It wasnt too bad I was able to sleep unroused for about three hours with a sleeping mask on as it was very light. but at around 5.30 -6 am my dreams started to merge with reality as flight hostessess arrived to the staff lounge down the hall dragging their wheely suitcases along the bumpy floor causing motorcycles to appear in my slumber. I tryed to ignore it for about an hour but then the offices in the hall opened. I sat up and peeled off my eye mask to see a nicely dressed lady sitting behind a desk in the office smiling at me. The rest of my day untill four in the afternoon was spent sitting near the check in desks watching big screen tv in portugese as people come and went. Here I drifted in and out of sleep no probs. The seats are uncomfortable buckets seats but if you put your backpack in the one beside you, it can double as a pillow. Overall the place was quite safe, but the ideal spot for a good rest is on the second floor. When i checked it later during the day was continued >>

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by web-administrator (March, 2005)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by mohammed) - "i landed on Sunday afternoon in Sao Paulo but by connecting flight to Mexico city was the next morning.i was not really hungry so i just had a coffee. things seemed expensive to me - as in almost all airports.i had my sleeping bag with me so i just laid it out behind the information desk on the 1st floor. i had an excellent sleep.there was not much noise from announcements but whenever a flight landed there was a burst of noise - but it was Ok.i didnt really notice cleaning staff- maybe since it was Sunday afternnoon, they were off?i woke up fresh the next morning, i washed/brushed at the restroom- it was kinda clean- but not really so.i had a coffee and some little cake/muffin thingie.then i rested until the boarding for my flight started-overall-OK experience but hardly anyone seemed to speak an acceptable level of English." Added 07 April 06

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