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Nowhere to chill

by Campesino (January, 2015)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside and Airside
Pros: Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Wifi (sometimes)
Cons: Everything except the pros. Nowhere to sleep, etc.

As a frequent traveler, and one who even lives in Peru. I often fly to various airports, including this airport....a lot. Never though, have I had to sleep in this airport, it's always a quick pass through (I fly from my Peruvian home in the mountains, to Lima, then two or three hours later, to the USA. I have to admit, I was not happy with my forced layover in this airport, I thought I would try to sleep in this airport, since I had never done it before. Well, let me tell you, that did'nt even happen. in my 8 hour layover in the night, I was able to sleep 2 hours. That's 6 hours I had to endure of this airport. I could not find a place to sleep, and Starbucks was the nicest place to chill. I tried sleeping, but the constant cleaning crews and annoying security prevented this. Then after going through security early, hoping for a place to continued >>

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Lima Airport

by web-administrator (August, 2014)

Pros: -
Cons: -

(email submission from Sam) Pros: secure, accommodating airport staff, clean, lots of food options Cons: no cheap airport hotel, but if you are resigned to the airport floor, it's not bad at all in my experience Haven't stayed overnight in an airport before, but did so last night in Lima. Overall an excellent experience, I'd do it again. Started out sleeping on the left on the arrivals hall before being (politely) moved on by the cleaners, then went upstairs to the food court. Loads of people seemed to be sleeping there so it felt very safe but not too noisy. Starbucks does free wifi. Lots of eating options open 24 hours. Check in at 4:30am was super busy, so make sure to leave plenty of time.

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Delayed flight to Brazil

by machadoden (June, 2014)

Reason for Stay: Other
Where: Airside
Pros: Very clean, quiet and with nice seats
Cons: No hotel inside the airport

Just before the worldcup in Brazil I had to make a business trip to Lima. And to come to Brazil only 3 days before the worldcup was a not very good experience. I had a 4 hours flight delay and had to sleep in the international boarding area of the airport. After looking for a good area, the best I could find was in the underground floor close to gates 29 and 33. With large, clean, and new seats.

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Secure, friendly staff, terrible organization

by Starxofxlola (July, 2013)

Reason for Stay: Too cheap for a hotel room
Where: Landside and Airside
Pros: Very secure in and out of airside area
Cons: Gate was a mad house

I spent 7 hours in Lima. They great thing was that they check everyone who enters the landside area, so I felt pretty safe. There are many people sleeping because of the international vs domestic flight schedule. The floors and bathrooms are clean, though not much to do. I was mad at the way the gate was organized. No line, no one tried to organize a line, just a lot of pushing. Bus out to plane took us to the wrong plane and then drove away leave 40 people stranded on the freezing Tarmac. Everyone then ran around, confused, until a flight attendant ran out of the plane and directed everyone to walk about five minutes to the right plane. I live in Peru, so I suspect that this is may be part of a cultural nuance.

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Lots of people do it

by giggglius (July, 2012)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Landside and Airside
Pros: 24 hour airport so very safe and with food and drink and bathrooms
Cons: 24 hour airport so busy, loud, and constant cleaning crews

Early morning flights don't get to check in until after midnight. (My 5am let me check in at 1, my friends 3am let her check in at midnight.) Even then, just because you have a boarding pass doesn't mean you can go through security. I wish I had known that, because then maybe I would have gone to sleep earlier and checked in later. Outside of security, in the shopping/food court there are no real chairs except the food court chairs, so this aiport is fine for people like me who prefer to lie down on the cold floor, but less good for people who like to sleep sitting up. You could probably do that better down at checkin area (only open to ticketed passengers), but there is a very low level of available seats there, and they're next to doors and more likely to get cold and or loud. Sleeping anywhere in the big square around the food c continued >>

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