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by web-administrator (January, 2005)

(Contributed by M. Davy) - "The hard plastic bucket seats precluded any attempts to sleep in this airport. The one toilet that did work was filthy from people washing their feet in the toilet bowl. There were also muddy foot prints on the toilet seat from patrons who apparently prefer the squat type system. Aside from the muddy tracks all around the departure lounge (from the foot washing guys) there was also garbage strewn all over the place. For some unknown reason, there were no lights working in the restaurant so consequently only the few tables with candles had any type of light. Throw in the surly and almost hostile staff working there and you have a pretty good idea of what to expect at this airport. " Added 16 March 2005

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by web-administrator (September, 1998)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by ?) - "After a hard two weeks fishing in Lake CHAD I was looking forward to the airport and the promise of home.The airport is a long walk from the city and I left about midday to allow plenty of time for flight 2 or 3am the following day.I had used up the last of my CFA so thoughtI could just sit tight and await my plane.How wrong was I!The airport staff were very nosey and wanted souveniers.They engaged me in conversation and wouldnt leave me alone.I gave my treasured LP away to a guard who wanted to learn ENGLISH.The bucket seats were uncomfortable and there were as many faux guides,bogus whatevers hanging around as on arrival.On arrival someone tried to make off with my passport as I emptied the contents of my rucksack for customs inspection.A crowd had then gathered round to check out my belongings then.I wasnt fussed about this on departure because all valuables that I had were now exhausted.On the wall I noticed a picture commemorating an issue of Chadian stamps.I was suprised to see that the stamps depicted The Beatles.Apart from this there were no other pictures and the shop never opened.During my conversations with the security I asked why it was that security in the airport was so awful.With a shrug of the shoulders it was simply stated that the country couldnt afford to implement the necc equipment, staff etc.I finally boarded my plane after about eleven hours and its funny but I now look back upon the experience with warmth." Added 05 Feb 06

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by web-administrator (April, 1999)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by ?) - "After an exhaustive three week fishing trip to Lake Chad I was looking forward to getting home.The airport was a long walk from the town and I elected to leave early to be assured of getting there in good time.I left far too early.I sat on the bucket seats for hours without daring to sleep.I was often in conversation with the security who wouldnt leave me alone until I had given them something as a souvenier.I gave my Lonely Planet Guide away in this way.I remember a picture on the wall with a display of Chadian stamps.The subject was The Beatles.I asked the security why it was that the countries major airport had such poor security measures in place:(at arrivals a bogus customs officer tried to make his way out of the terminal with my passport in his hand!)- The guard explained that this was because the country was poor and couldnt afford all the measures in place as enjoyed by most airports.I couldnt recognise any measures in place.The plane arrived on time and as I boarded my last memory of the country was of the dull time spent at that airport" Added 05 Feb 06

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