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No Internet Access

by web-administrator (July, 2014)

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Cons: -

(email submission) No internet bars, nothing. I've been there 3 times in 2012, 2013. Each time I had to find someone to escort me to the in-airport hotel to pay to use their computers in their restaurant. After complaining every time to everyone - and I wasn't the only one who was in utter disbelief - in a new airport??? I was told they're 'looking into it.' Sheeeesh.

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by tashore14 (July, 2014)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside and Airside
Pros: It's cleaner than most places in Delhi.
Cons: Well, the whole ticket scenario is more than slightly irritating.

It's been covered before; Indira Gandhi International has an extraordinarily annoying policy regarding entry and holding tickets. The whole procedure is rather a mess when you have a 5 AM flight, you have to arrive 3 hours early and the last train arrives at 11. I was sent to the 'waiting lounge' by the patrolling soldiers. I found the lounge to be unpleasant to say the least. However, I soon found a way out. I asked the security if I could get some change for the vending machines. I was then sent to the lift to go down to a money exchange. I found myself in the arrivals hall of the terminal and soon realised this would be a much more comfortable place to sleep for a few hours before checking in. What's more, I found the eating options to be somewhat better. Sleeping was difficult; it was crowded and there were few places that were really continued >>

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Great new developed airport

by edwardseco (March, 2014)

Reason for Stay: Checking in and had to wait
Pros: Clean large, great shops
Cons: Wifi requires a text message

Fantastic airport on the Indian scene. It shows off the country well. Wonderfully decorated. It was so much fun I nearly missed a flight wandering. There is a hint for those who arrive too early to get in the building or just want to hang out till dawn. The opposite building is the Airport Metro station and on the next floor up is a welcoming all night cafe. Good transportations exist including my fav, radio taxis (Meru, etc.) off to the left as you exit the terminal.. The downside is that some people movers don't work (like at Hong Kong). Also, scamsters are still there, just ignore the people that appear too helpful with bags and weights. Remember the officialdom in India and get the official tags for each hand luggage. Very impressive revamp!

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Delhi Airport Transit

by web-administrator (March, 2014)

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(email submission) Agree entirely with the recent review about the problems of transit at Delhi. It's astonishing that when the general standard of the facilities in Terminal 3 is so high, a simple thing like transit passengers actually getting access to them is made so complicated. I can't match an 11-hour wait, but on my current trip I have had to wait two and a half hours after arrival at 01.30 for a Jet Airways representative to turn up to issue a boarding card, and four hours on my return for KLM to do the same. Be warned!!!

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Security Nightmare Airport

by Espresso (February, 2014)

Where: Landside and Airside
Pros: Not crowded
Cons: See review

Do not turn up too early. We arrived early 7pm for our 2:30am flight and was told to wait in a holding area ('visitor lounge') until 9pm. It was crammed. Toilet and shops are a floor down in the arrival hall. Bring your passport and boarding pass, as you will pass through security check point. You will need a plaster your passport and boarding pass across your forehead anywhere and everywhere, because you will be checked numerous times in this airport. There are metal door frame scanners, but everyone we saw will be scanned manually, including all women in a curtained area. Your hand luggage must have a tag which once scanned will be stamped by the security staff. You will get the luggage at your check-in counter. There is no sign however telling you this. Any security measures that can be done once will be done at least twice. I am surpr continued >>

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