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Kuala Lumpur Airport Review

by web-administrator (February, 2015)

Pros: -
Cons: -

(Guest Review) Try and get a coffee and snake after 0200 am. I could not find anything except Burger King and they only had Coke and a like, great if you have diabetes. While many cafes where open and had people behind the counters they where still closed. When a place states open 24 hours you should be able to something to eat and drink. It's a shame for a airport that operates 24 hours a day, I was suprised by the same old faces I saw at 0400 am, when I was sitting outside my gate ready for departure at 0930 am.

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KLIA2 Review

by web-administrator (March, 2015)

Pros: -
Cons: -

(Guest Review) Overnighters slept on the concrete floor, outside at the balcony opposite McDonalds at Level 3. And the floor is wet from the rain. The carpeted empty floor inside the building at level 2M is cordoned-off by airport security, with security tape/baggage trolleys, ostensibly to avoid usage as sleeping area by the many migrants workers and their families, waiting for their flight.

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Air Asia Terminal

by web-administrator (September, 2014)

Pros: -
Cons: -

(Guest Review) No seats available, hard to find correct place to check in or any other information. Air Asia flights are fine but this airport is just horrible.

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Not too bad

by AndrewGills (November, 2014)

Where: Airside
Pros: Movie room has carpet floor, Lights get dimmed overnight
Cons: Bathrooms are always wet so it's difficult to change clothes

I arrived at 3pm and didn't depart until 8am the next morning. My luggage was checked through so I could stay on the airside after going through the transit gate. There were a few food options for my evening meal and then I slept on the floor in the movie lounge along with quite a few other people. The lights were dimmed and it was relatively comfortable (the movies just play all night long but the sound isn't too bad - otherwise bring ear plugs). If I had to transit here again on the airside it would be okay. Saves paying for a hotel.

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Worst Airport Ever - slept outside (in the rain) in Kuala Lumpur

by forcados (January, 2015)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside
Pros: Helpful airport information counter staff
Cons: No sleeping area. Many slept outside in the open, wet floors!

Lack of proper facilities meant that stranded, overnighters or early flight travellers slept on the concrete floor under the sky in the open smoking area balcony of KLIA2. This budget carrier terminal is a nightmare for those seeking to sleep there. Avoid it! Or check in into the nearby hotels for the night.

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