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Good couches showers = 3

by Aneki (May, 2014)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Landside
Pros: Long, cushioned benches with no armests, showers
Cons: No cons!

I've spent half a night and a day in KUL. I've arrived to the new low cost terminal and went to the main international building to sleep and wait for my flight out of the country. If you're after shopping/killing time, you're probably better off at the low cost terminal. I didn't spend much time there but it seemed like there were more shops in the 'landside' part. Not much going on in the main terminal. To get from the low cost to the 'main' terminal you can take the train: very fast and only 2 Ringgit, 0.6. The main terminal was good for sleeping: long, cushioned benches near the entrance/big window side on the 5th floor, but also scattered elsewhere. I can't confirm the availability of the better leather couches on the 4th floor (I've read about them in another review) because I didn't see them. I guess they might belong to the res continued >>

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New Airport with plenty of Sleeping in airport opportunities

by funkyhairballs (May, 2014)

Reason for Stay: Just for the fun of it
Where: Landside
Pros: Plenty of flat benches, 24hr supermarket and restaurants
Cons: airport still new so many shops still undergoing renovation

KLIA2 is the brand new budget terminal for Kuala Lumpur, replacing the now defunct LCCT terminal. There are plenty of flat benches strewn around the airport (which also serves as a mall) that many choose to fashion into makeshift beds after hours. There is also a carpeted corner near arrivals that some people to choose to wait in, although I'm not entirely sure if it's supposed to be a waiting area or just something temporary. Security guards are always patrolling the place so safety doesn't seem to be a likely issue. The main lobby has plenty of people walking to and fro so I would recommend the benches between FOS and the ERL station (which closes at midnight) for a relatively calmer experience. It gets cold in the wee hours though as air conditioning runs 24hours. I read that they (will soon) have proper sleeping cabins provided but continued >>

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Newly opened klia2

by nicklee (May, 2014)

Reason for Stay: Just for the fun of it
Where: Landside and Airside
Pros: Clean, safe, 24 hours cafes, helpful airport and security staff
Cons: No shower facilities

klia2 was officially opened on May 2nd and I was flying with AirAsia on May 10th, on a 7am flight. I arrived at the airport by ERL (KLIA Express train) on May 9th, 11pm. Since I read that this new terminal was meant for Low Cost Carriers, I had low expectations. But upon entering the airport, I was surprised how huge it was! Basically you will go through GateWay@KLIA2 which is a mall attached to the airport. If you enter from the 1st floor, it's quite a distance before reaching the airport's check in counter area but if you enter from the 3rd floor, it's just a 200m walk. As it is very new, only about half tenants are in operation. Most branded items and fast food outlets can be easily find. Washrooms are clean and big. There's also a massage shop on level 2. As I needed to charge my phone, I went to Texas Chicken and slept ther continued >>

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Lots of sleeping over travellers

by oriolekam (January, 2014)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Pros: Spacious?
Cons: Crowded, no seats

Like the case in most budget airline, you rare got a shuttle bus to take you from the plane to the terminal, except for a few places, like Hong Kong and Macau. Walking a long way with a heavy luggage could be quite unpleasant; thus, it is advise to bring a light hand carry or a suitcase with wheels. Another point was that there were not much signage showing you the way to the terminal, so make sure you looked for the sign 'international arrival' so not to mix up with people who we're trying to get to another flight. The immigration is pretty fast and there is no need for a Visa to enter Malaysia if you hold a HKSAR passport. Again, there is not much sign board but the way is straight forward so you probably won't go wrong. After the custom, you come to the arrival hall for international airline. The airport was divided into domestic continued >>

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Review on LCCT in Kuala Lumpur

by web-administrator (February, 2014)

Pros: -
Cons: -

I arrived this terminal on Air Asia flight on Feb, 2014. I often take that Low Cost Carrier but the Low Cost Terminal in Singapore or the Air Asia Terminal in Jakarta was quite good enough so I was shocked when I saw the LCCT. It's still as someone has mentioned from 2 years ago on that there was no one spending money for the architect or design, or decoration for this terminal. I felt like being treated bad just because of using cheap flight. The outside area where there are many restaurants, food stands, cafeterias was so hot. People and vehicle were crowded and too noisy. The departure hall was complicated to understand the direction. I saw lines of check-in counters right after entering the hall with Air Asia board but the right one for my flight is in the inside corner area, which was difficult to realize du continued >>

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