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Hanoi Airport Review

by web-administrator (January, 2015)

Pros: -
Cons: -

(Guest Review) The airport is too small. There are nothing to do here before taking off. Custom officers are unfriendly, they are always asking for money if you want to pass

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Hanoi Airport Review

by web-administrator (April, 2015)

Pros: -
Cons: -

(Guest Review) One word. Bribes. Custom officials expect to receive bribes to do their work. Traveling through this airport is a nightmare for Vietnamese-born visitors returning to their country of birth to visit family members. Corruption is rampant in this country but it takes an all new low at the local airports. Airport officials don't speak a word of english and constantly find new ways to harass and extort tourists for money. It is disgusting and it has been going on for the last few decades.

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Hanoi airport just leveled up :-)

by Andyc24_uk (January, 2015)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Airside
Pros: New, clean, smart building. Excellent value pay-in lounge.
Cons: No access to sleeping pods; few food/drink choices

Having read all the negative reviews of Noi Bai's 'bus station' atmosphere, I was bracing myself for 10 hours of layover hell... even more so once I realised that the 'sleeping pod' that I had pre-booked was in Terminal 1, and I was stuck airside in Terminal 2. However I was pleasantly surprised! The airport has just (late December 2014) opened its brand new Terminal 2, from which all international flights will soon be departing. It's spacious, smart, airy, spotlessly clean and modern, with floor to ceiling views of the runway along its entire length. Not super busy so there are always plenty of empty boarding gates - particularly towards the ends of the terminal - where one can lie down and take a nap on the numerous fairly comfortable bench seats. The terminal is still getting into gear for full operation it seems, so there are continued >>

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Free WIFI and Meal

by Gnusmas5 (July, 2014)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Airside
Pros: Fast and free WIFI
Cons: Small

I checked this website before flying to Ho Chi Minh City because I already knew I was going to spend 15 hours at this airport, in transition area only. I totally agree to the previous comment left on this page. Since I was going to spend a long time at the airport, I received a free meal from Vietnam Airlines which you'll have in the foodcourt on the 3rd floor. This is the Cafe with padded chairs and many many power points. The WIFI password for that area is : foodcourttsn. It's a great connection. Apart from that the airport is very clean, modern and small as well. On 3rd floor there are less announcements and it's a lot calmer in general. There are a few shops and Spas available. Have a safe journey and an enjoyable stay!

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Unexpected. Totally unexpected.

by worldtraveller328 (September, 2012)

Reason for Stay: Checking in and had to wait
Where: Landside and Airside
Pros: ...Omg
Cons: Inpolite staff, virtually NO air conditioning, minimal shops and more

Upon my first trip in Vietnam, which was in Ho Chih Minh City, that airport gave me a good impression of Vietnam. This trip to Hanoi though, was a disaster from the beginning. Upon landing, the airport was clearly noise polluted and overcrowded. And bribery was everywhere. The toilets were sickening enough to not even mention it and the airside... You would think, as the capital of a country, it would have something like a shopping mall. No. At Noi Bai, as they say it: 'We offer you the best of the best' Turns out that the 'best of the best' was actually something like 'the worst of the wet market' There was no shops, except for a duty-free and some eateries. Also, it was hot as hell there and some of the most important signs were in only Vietnamese like: hnh l yu cầu bồi thường and Nh vệ sinh v buồng t& continued >>

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