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by web-administrator (September, 2014)

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(GUEST) Security screening is a nightmare due to time it takes to pass through. 45 minute waits to get through. Lines snake through terminal areas with 1,000's of customers in them. Intolerable situation. Past security screening the airport facilities are more like a sporting arenas than a contemporary airport. International travel facilities are non existent and more like an after thought.

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new airport of discomfort

by weltreisende (April, 2009)

Where: Landside and Airside

Adelaide is my "home town airport" so I go through there quite a bit. I would not recommend anyone to stay there over night. As you read already, it shuts down for a few hours every night and is very uncomfortable (just newly built what were they thinking?) There is a bus on the upper level on the left when you get out of the airport which is really cheap (approx.4) to get to the city. Ask the bus driver to let you off in Currie Street where the YHA is. It is only about 10 minutes from the airport.

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by web-administrator (January, 2007)

Where: Landside

(Contributed by Zack) - "The airport closes from 11 PM to 4 AM every night. Do not attempt to sleep here. I ended up on a metal bench from midnight to 4 AM and it was not pleasant. The chairs in the main check-in area are not comfortable if anyone is planning on just going at 4 AM. Once through security, there are comfortable couches to lie down on." Added 01 April 2007

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by web-administrator (November, 2006)

Where: Airside

(Contributed by ?) - "I think they've recently refurbished or possibly rebuilt Adelaide Airport, but it's really nice now. Even has it's own Coopers bar :D Great long,leather, padded benches for sleeping on in the main area. After a late night we managed to get a good four hours sleep in the middle of the day here waiting for a connecting flight. Shoes up on their nice couches and all!" Added 31 Dec 06

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by web-administrator (May, 2002)

(Contributed by ?) - "weird things happen while waiting for a delayed plane to undelay itself for 7 hours at the most. passengers coming off the plane hair all over the place kids grumpy as anything enough for you to run and hide ( not that my kids behaved like that! yeah right!!!) well the most weird thing i ever saw was a lady who was waiting at the same delayed plane termianal as myself and she had to go straight to a meeting once she got to her destination delayed or not she was the manager of the company she worked as, probably marketing of some sort with the amount of shaving cream she put onto herself while waiting ot board. no kidding! this lady was running late for her plane the taxi was late waste of time hurrying anyhow cos we werent going anywhere adn she decided to groom herself right next to me. brushing her hair and stickin continued >>

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