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by web-administrator (January, 2000)

(Contributed by ?) - "I arrived late in the night around eleven, on a flight from Auckland, N.Z., the last flight of the night. There were many other budget travelers on the flight, and we all congregated outside the now closing doors after claiming our packs. As the last of the airport staff left in there cars, the last bus to take us into Noumea (40 mi.) arrived, and as others climbed abord I could not justify paying around 30U.S. for a forty mile trip (on a budget you know). I was not alone, one girl a German also would not agree to the bus fare, and we stood together as the bus roared away. After a brief introduction we decided we should look for a place to sleep in safety, but no structures were present, nothing like a suitable sleeping area was visible from the airport, only saturated grasslands and swamps. So we went out about 50 m continued >>

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