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Sleeping at a military base laundromat

by web-administrator (May, 1994)

(Contributed by ?) "May 1994 - This was back when US still had Tempelhoff (sp?) airport. The biggest base had a laundromat, along with a px (department store), BurgerKing, bookstore, a sports store, some other stores. My friend and I went out- s hard night out (waiting for the trains to start up again at 6 AM); my friend and I couldn't make it to where the buses were. The laundromat was open, and it was warm from the driers- and the washers were flat. We didn't have any pillows or blankets, but I went to sleep because it was so warm. Some guy woke us up at 8PM wanting to do early morning wash. We went to the BurgerKing right next door- we were some of the first customers. Then we took the bus back to his parents apartment." Added 12 OCT 03.

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Sleeping in Airports

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