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Other Strange Places

Locked out of the hostel? Late night partying and don't know where you are?
Run out of gas? No rooms available? Or maybe you were just too cheap to pay for a room?

As if sleeping in the airport to save a few bucks wasn't strange enough.....readers have sent us some of their even STRANGER travel stories over the years.

So what exactly is a strange place to sleep?

Well, how about the floor of a gas station, an ATM booth, a park bench with the city's homeless people, the trunk of your car or get this.....walking into the police station and asking to be arrested so that you can sleep in a jail cell for the night. Our readers have had some amazing adventures.

Here is a memorable travel adventure sent to us by Phil:

"While on holiday from my job while living in Kenya, I was riding a Matatu (mini-bus) across Western Kenya and was calling on my cell phone to book a hotel. Unavailable and gettting very late, a good samaritan invited me into his home. The Kenyan man was well dressed so I assumed he'd have a basic setup and be economically alright. When we alighted off I realized in absolute horror I was in the middle of an African slum, but I was now commited. His home was extremely humble, I slept on a filty mattress but I had my sleeping bag to "block" most of the bugs and filth, but I had to deal with the stink of the running sewer drain going in the middle of the living room. I slept okay all things considered, and in the morning found out the communal "toilet" that I'd used twice during the night was actually the "shower" area for the slums inhabitants. Everybody in the slum had to come meet the Mzungu (white man) who spent the night there, to the honor of Paul my host. I ended up going into town with one of the wildest adventures I ever had in 6 months of African travels. My hosts were great to me and had better hospitality than you could expect in a 5 star hotel with what they had, so all in all, it was a strangely great experience."



Do you have strange place you've had to spend the night? Share your travel adventure....or misadventures with us.

Note: the form is the same as the airport review. I'll have to have the developers change that...once I can afford it. Until then, on the "Terminal" Line enter where it was that you slept ie. KISUMU SLUM.

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