Airport Angel

Joining the Airport Angel Club means that you will receive an exclusive card that grants you access to over 600 airport lounges worldwide. Given that this UK-based club is not affiliated with a particular airline, your access to lounges is far reaching and diverse – Albania to Zimbabwe. The lounges offered are varied, given that they are affiliated with a variety of airlines and companies. Airport Angel, unlike some other private membership services, do not actually manage any lounges directly. Other benefits from your membership include a handy flight information texting service, an app, and discounted rates for guests and visits in addition to your allotted annual quota. Depending on the tier of the program you purchase, you will be granted 2 – 8 lounge visits annually, making this a great package for semi-frequent travellers. Advanced members are also permitted to bring additional guests in ‘for free’ – though guests do deduct from your annual lounge visit.

Airport Angel Membership Benefits

  • Access to over 600 airport lounges worldwide.
  • Access to any lounge affiliated with any airport, no matter who you are flying with and at what class
  • Access to a range of airport amenities and luxuries. Specifics vary between airports, with details available in advance on the Airport Angel App.
  • AirText service which provides real time alerts to your mobile phone (or that of a friend) regarding check-in information, boarding times and delays. Note that these are only available for trips from and to airports within the UK.
  • Airport Angel Mobile App which gives information on all affiliated lounges and a digital access card
  • Discounted rates for guests, and four ‘free’ guest visits included in the Advanced membership.

Membership Cost

  • Airport Angel Standard: ₤60 for a 1-year membership (includes member only access for 2 lounge visits with 2 AirTexts)
  • Airport Angel Advanced: ₤164 for a 1-year membership (member and a guest receive 8 lounge visits – 4 for you, 4 for guests – and 16 AirTexts)

Note that if you visit in excess of your quota, you will be charged ₤15 for entry. If you wish to bring guests that exceed your quota, they too will be charged ₤15.

Sign up online on the Airport Angel website. Membership cards arrive in 14 days.

All prices, services and facilities published above are subject to change at any time without notice. If you have questions, please visit our Lounge FAQ.

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