Flybe Airport Lounges

If you fly frequently through the United Kingdom and Ireland with Flybe, their free Premier card is a great (and affordable!) way to enhance the overall travel experience. Members claim their cards once they collect 70 Rewards4All points, which you collect as you travel with the airline. As a point of reference, a round trip ticket earns you 2 points and remains valid for 2 years. Sure, these lounges are a little less glam than those affiliated with larger airlines – but they still provide a pleasant break in Belfast, Edinburgh, Gatwick, Manchester, and a number of other small airports.

Flybe Lounge Access


  • Premier card: 70 Rewards4All Points
  • Premier card + 1: 50 Rewards4All points

Sign up for the Rewards4All frequent flier program online to begin collecting your points. When you have enough, you can then apply online for your card. Cards arrive within 21 days.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to FlyBe lounges throughout the United Kingdom
  • Complimentary wireless internet in most lounges
  • Complimentary snacks and drinks in all lounges
  • Free guest access for members of the Premier card +1

Flybe Lounge Locations

Airport Location

Location: Unknown


Location: Unknown


Location: Unknown


Location: Unknown


Location: Unknown

All prices, services and facilities published above are subject to change at any time without notice. If you have questions, please visit our Lounge FAQ.

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