Lounge Pass FAQ

If you are new to airport lounge passes these frequently asked questions should provide you with the answers you are looking for. However, please contact us if your question is unanswered below.

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Before we get to the questions, we wanted to cover a few main points for consideration:

  1. Lounge passes must be purchased at least 24 hours in advance of your lounge arrival. You can cancel your pass with full refund at any time up until 24 hours before your scheduled arrival.
  2. These airport lounge passes can be used by ANY TRAVELLER regardless of airline or class of service.
  3. Please read the LOCATION and CONDITIONS OF ENTRY on the lounge page before proceeding. If you do not know which terminal you will be departing from, check your airline ticket or contact your airline. We encourage you to keep these important points in mind:
    • Book a lounge based on the terminal you are DEPARTING from. For example, If you are departing on a domestic flight, DO NOT book a lounge that is accessible to International flights only. Or if you arrive in Terminal 1 and will be departing from Terminal 2, you must book a lounge in Terminal 2 - not Terminal 1.
    • If you are in transit and do not have a Visa to enter the country, DO NOT book a Landside lounge. Landside lounges are located in the public area of the terminal, so you will be required to go through immigration to access the lounge.

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