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(Photo Credit: Delphina) I am writing this as I lay in a free cot at MIA on New Years Eve. I followed the previous review and got into tge chapel. There were 2 others sleeping there. At 9 pm guard came to close it down and we had to leave but he told us there were cots available for stranded passengers just outside the auditorium (he said sth about hotels being fully booked). It is on the sector of Concourse D but you have to get to level 3 and then up one more floor through stairs . It is in fact level 4 but nowhere does it say that there is a level 4. Just look for the auditorium, to the side there is a space where there are doors labeled as 'Room 1'. There are more than 25 cots here now with pillows and blankets. Mind you: I had gone to the AA counter in the morning and in the evening to try and get on waitlist for an earlier flight and NOBODY from the airline ever mentioned this, even when they knew i had a 24 hr connection and my flight leaves 7 am.
Hope this isnt a one time thing and helps others.

miami airport

(Photo Credit: Guest)

miami airport

(Photo Credit: Brad)

miami airport

Boarding Gate/Concourse C (Photo Credit: Donna)

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