Sleeping in Airports

Jeff Lewis Teaches Us How To Be An Airport Sleeper Photobomber

Last week @SuzyKoala on Twitter introduced me to Jeff Lewis, star of Bravo’s Flipping Out and Interior Therapy design shows. At first I didn’t understand why I would want to follow a designer (no offence), but then after looking through his Twitter stream, I discovered that airport sleepers are featured regularly in some pretty funny photobombs.

I  obviously love photos of airport sleepers, so this got me wondering if any members of the SleepingInAirports community have ever tried to photobomb another airport sleeper. (Or perhaps you would like to give it a try because it looks like fun).   To learn more about this fun way to amuse yourself in the airport, check out our photo gallery starring master airport sleeper photobomber, Jeff Lewis. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

If you would like to share your airport sleeper photobombs, add them to our Facebook pagesend me a tweet or email me and I will create another new gallery of community photos.


1. The Approach

Approach the sleeper with caution and smile for the camera! Shhhh!!!!

Photo Credit: Jeff Lewis / Twitter

2. Be cool!

Always remember, that no matter how you look, you’ll still be much cooler than the airport sleeper…..

Photo Credit: Jeff Lewis / Twitter

….unless the sleeper is wearing sunglasses.  Airport sleepers wearing sunglasses look cool, so you’ll just end up looking like a big goof sitting beside the cool traveller relaxing before their flight.

Photo Credit: Jeff Lewis / Twitter

3. Positioning

Sometimes you will need to get down on the floor with your airport sleeper.  Hopefully the cleaning crews have been by recently.

Photo Credit: Jeff Lewis / Twitter

4. Airport Slumber Party

Bonus points when you can get more than one sleeper in the photo.

Photo Credit: Jeff Lewis / Twitter

5. BFFs?

With the tilt of the head, the airport sleeper may look like he or she is a great listener. You might want to sit and have a chat with your new friend over coffee, but don’t! The airport sleeper is not interested.

Photo Credit: Jeff Lewis / Twitter

6. Have fun creating your Airport Sleeper Photo Galleries

Airport sleepers really do make great foreground subjects as you’ll see in these  next photos.

Photo Credit: Jeff Lewis
Photo Credit: Jeff Lewis / Twitter
Photo Credit: Jeff Lewis / Twitter
Photo Credit: Jeff Lewis / Twitter

So now that you have some ideas, go out and have fun the next time you are stuck in the airport!

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