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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Anchorage Ted Stevens Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Quiet place to sleep



    Just before you get to the car rental center, there is a hallway to the right that leads to the train station. It is a fair bit quieter than the rest of the terminal, although the announcements can still be heard. There is an electrical outlet there as well.

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    Anchorage Airport



    Pros: Taxidermy musk ox and other animals. Art gallery/lounge thing that is sleep-able.

    Cons: Pretty small. Not the best food.

    Gates are kind of uncomfortable. The upstairs art gallery part though is quiet and I tried to sleep here but kept getting woken up by announcements. There’s a pretty ok bookstore if you get bored. You can also look at a taxidermy moose.

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    Anchorage– nice airport



    Pros: Nice shops with lots of AK items

    Cons: Not a lot of charging outlets

    Nice airport, lots of AK gift shop items available. Plenty of dining options McDonald's, Sushi bar and others. Plus a microbrewery that you can fill your growler at. Not a whole lot of charging outlets.

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    Overnight Layover tips



    Pros: Stores stay open late, McDonald's open 24 hrs

    Cons: Noise

    I had a layover here from 11 pm to 5 am. I'd read the reviews here and had a terminal map so I had a good idea what to look for to get some rest. First of all my flight from Kodiak deplaned me outside so I had to enter the airport and go through security to get into the concourse, but there weren't long lines at midnight. Then I headed up some stairs to the "Sleeping Lady Lounge," thinking that this was the sleeping spot. There was an area with recliners but they don't recline, it looks like it is a theater-type area with a large screen. So I spent a while there in one of the recliners, trying to sleep, but there are continual loud announcements on the airport speakers so it was a hard go. After about half an hour I decided to move on. As I came downstairs from the Sleeping Lady Lounge, I noticed a "closed" sign blocking there stairs which hadn't been there a half hour before, so officially it was closed even though other people were sleeping up there. It appears this lounge is really a bar-type place but the name gives the wrong impression to a weary traveler.

    As I went down to Gate C9, I was surprised to see that many of the stores and shops in the airport were still open at midnight, so I spent some time looking around there (they closed at 1 AM).

    Then I went down to Gate C9, where the bush plane hangs from the ceiling. This was indeed a quieter area, the overhead announcements don't sound here I guess. I laid down on an empty set of seats with my coat over my head for a few hours of fitful Z's. I'd read reviews about potential thieves going through sleeping people's bags so I put my bag behind my legs. There was a floor polisher guy driving up and down the concourse on his appointed rounds every couple of minutes, so this was also noisy, it seemed as though he drove within inches of my bench. There was a children's play area near the hanging plane, and I was surprised that a group of noisy children were there playing on it at 2 AM!

    At 4 AM I gave up on trying to sleep anymore and I went down to the McDonald's for hot breakfast and coffee, which was a very nice way to start the day, then to my gate for my 5 AM departure.

    So I didn't get a lot of sleep here, but it could have been worse. The hot McDonald's breakfast/coffee made up for it though.

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    Anchorage airport



    Pros: Quiet, safe

    Cons: Small seating groups

    My first and only experience sleeping in an airport. I felt safe, although I slept on my purse. There were a very few travelers. No security visible. Food concession with coffee opened early.

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