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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Horrible Eperience – Pls Read



    Pros: Big

    Cons: Staff

    We travelled to Bangkok on a family holiday in March 2018. Since me and my wife were smokers we got two packs of cigarettes each from the departure airport duty free and little did we know that the only one pack per person was permitted as per Thai custom rules. Since this was for personal consumption we didn’t think there would be a problem but the nightmare was about to start. We didn’t declare the extra pack at the customers as we were not aware of the rules and passed the customs without issues but were pulled back by a police/security officer as were trying to exchange money and asked to follow him into the Airport Customs room because the security/police guy spotted the duty free bag. These guys were not interested in anything else but cigarettes. Right from the very start we were treated like criminals as if we smuggled a ton of cocaine into the country, no respect whatsoever. We tried to explain that this was for personal consumption, there was no intent on selling cigarettes in Thailand when a pack of cigarettes in their country is cheap as chips. The customs lady just wouldn’t allow us to speak or say a word, we were threatened with 4 days in jail if we didn’t pay the $1,000 fine. The customs lady didn’t have any concern for the kids or take into consideration that we were a FAMILY (for heaven’s sake) and screamed at us so much that my wife and kids started crying. It was a traumatizing experience for all of us. Never ever in my life me and my family went through such stress and we were just really shocked at the level of abuse that they threw at us. Never ever had I witnesses such rude, unprofessional, criminal behavior by a law enforcement representative. Unfortunately it was not only us and another couple was also abused by the same lady. The lady kept shouting that it was her country and her rules, forgetting that without tourist some parts of her country would starve to death and would have never recovered from the tsunami without the foreign help. I can understand that there is a job to be done but do it with ethics, professionalism and integrity, especially when you have little children and don’t have a clue who is sitting in front of you. The troubling thing here was that we felt completely helpless and there was nobody that we could turn for help and anything could have happened to us that day in the hands of this, I have no other words to say, but Evil lady. May God treat her as she treats others. The question was not so much about the fine but the disgraceful attitude of the customs representative. All you need is one individual to tarnish the reputation of the country and she was the best at it and I regret to say that this will be the last time we will travel to Thailand. You may have gained $1,000 from me now but you cut yourself, your hotels and workers from $4,000 which I would have spent on my next holiday there.

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    Unprofessional staffs



    Pros: Nice facility

    Cons: Rude staff

    So we have a connecting flight to dubai via bangkok and the airport staffs getting mad at us because we like to communicate in english. All they were saying is “No english no english!” Like WTF?!! Do we need to hire a translator everytime we stop at Bangkok?
    Overall it’s a bad experience. Terrible people.

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    Pros: Spacious place

    I slept at under escalator, it is quite a space there. The staff just ignore you and let you do what you want. Their staff also sleep there. Also have plug to charge your things. The airport so quiet. There is place to sleep near the airport train area but already book by other traveller. There is restaurant 24h, I think its for their staff but you can eat there while waiting your flight.

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    Very comfortable to sleep in Suvarnabhumi airport of Thailand.



    I always sleep overnights in this airport at the 4th floor or the first floor but I like the first floor is more quiet area and some passaegers do the same ,there is the Magic food court open 24 hrs with several testy food and the cost is about 2 $usd. only or if you have a couples hrs you should sleep at the 4th floor will easy to hurry check in near your sleeping place,also is comfortable if you prepared to bring your sleeping bag or mat put on 3 seats make it more soft .But I like the first floor more becuase the food court. And if you need to tranfer to DonMueng can get free the airport shuttle bus for free with showing your next ticket.

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  • Very efficient



    Pros: Very efficient

    Even though being one of the most busy airports in the world the wait at immigration is not too long and everything works smooth.

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