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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Bangui M’Poko Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Crowded and hot!



    Pros: Small size - not much walking needed

    Cons: Crowded, slow, inefficient, filthy toilets, almost no food

    The airport is quite small, so theoretically one should be able to get from the parking lot to the gate relatively quickly. The staff, however, are incredibly inefficient. For those flying Air France, it is possible to check in at the city office before coming to the airport (highly recommended). Otherwise, the queues for economy class can be very long and excruciatingly slow.

    By the time you check in, your passport will have been verified at least three times (entering the building, entering the check-in area and actually checking in). By the time you leave, expect it to be checked by those collecting a fee for using the airport (10 000 francs, approximately 20 dollars), by the actual border police, by another person at the gate as you leave the building, and twice as you walk from the bus to the plane. If staff were employed instead to provide services at the airport, it would certainly be a more pleasant place.

    Once check-in is complete, the border and security formalities go relatively quickly, even if again there are far too many people involved. Customs officials can be a bit annoying, but generally it is possible to get through with minimal or no demands for payment.

    The waiting area consists of one hall on the ground floor, with another one on the upper floor. The upper hall is somewhat nicer, but sometimes has tobacco odors wafting in from the hallway where some people go to smoke. It is often hotter upstairs, as the ceilings are quite high and the air conditioning not very powerful. Downstairs gets much more crowded, but sitting strategically where the air conditioning is blowing, it is possible to remain cool.

    There is a lounge inconveniently placed before security. Entrance is 10,000 francs (around 20 dollars). Passengers flying business class have no access unless they pay. The lounge itself has the advantage of providing wireless internet and some beverages. The seats are comfortable but worn. It is inconvenient, however, to have to go through security when exiting the lounge, which can mean later boarding than other passengers.

    Within the waiting area, there is a tiny duty-free shop selling some imported alcoholic beverages (nothing very interesting). There is also a bar where it is possible to buy something to drink and some very basic snacks. The people here are always very pleasant, despite the very basic service.

    Toilets are very basic and not particularly pleasant, especially when there is no water and it is necessary to dip into a bucket to flush or to wash hands. There are also not enough toilets for all of the passengers (though the high numbers frightened by the odors mean that the wait is usually not very long).

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    Bangui Airport



    Worst service I have seen at an airport. The staffing structure seems to have been designed in an insane asylum. Customer service is very poor and everything moves very slowly. Yet there are resources to hire people to check my passport 9 times between arrival at the airport and boarding of the flight. One particularly rude security guard insisted that it was forbidden to take sandwiches onto flights. Suspecting that he was looking for a free meal, I threw my sandwiches into a rubbish bin. Toilets are filthy and have no running water. On the positive side, there is a lounge in which one can wait if one is willing to pay about $10. It is definitely worth the expense!

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