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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Bern Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    (Review by Adam) After spending the previous night traveling to Zurich by the Eurolines Coach service from London to Zurich, we spent a few hours in a Zurich Bar, which turned out to be a night club. Anyway at 22:30, we staggered into the train station and caught our train to Switzerlands Capital, Berne. We arrived at around 00:15 and wondered about trying to find somewhere to sleep before catching our 6am train to Ski resort of Kandersteg. After putting our bags in a locker for safety, we found a nice spot to kip on some benches. We managed to doze, but at around 01:15 we were awoken by a security guard holding a rather impressive gun and asking "Kann ich wochte youre Fahre Fahkarte bitte ?" (I apologize for my poor spelling) After quickly remembering my GCSE German I realised he was requesting our train tickets, and after showing them, he realised that we were English and said "follow me" and led us off to the waiting room which he told us we could sleep in until 5 am and then we had to leave. He also said we were not to let anyone else in under any circumstances. Anyway, this waiting area was quiet and the benches were more comfortable than many beds I have slept on and we had a good few hours sleep until we were woken up at 5am by the automatic doors opening and other noisy travellers coming in.

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