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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Bodø Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

And for more airport information, check out our Bodø Airport Guide where you will find all the essential information you need to know including: airport lounges, WiFi, luggage storage, showers, nearby hotels, 24 hour food options and other services/facilities available at the airport.

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    Closed, but they let you stay



    I spent the night in Bodo airport. Airport is closed during the night, but the guards let you sleept there. Everything was cool, the chairs are great (no handels, so its almost like a bed 🙂 ). I had a good night.

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    Bodo Airport



    I slept in Bodø Airport after arriving on a late flight from Oslo (11pm arrival), and had the first flight to Lofoten in the morning (Bodø to Svolvær). I asked a airport worker where I could sleep, and he showed me a few benches by the entrance of the airport. There were enough for four people to lay out on the chairs. There were three others besides me so we each took one. There was an announcement at 12:30am that the airport was closing and then they locked up, and opened again at 4am. I felt safe to sleep and charge my devices, I would sleep there again if need be!

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    Two Good Nights



    Pros: Quiet and safe

    Cons: Few benches/chairs

    (Review by ancccdxh) I slept in Bodo Airport twice for two nights. The first time was when I needed to catch an early connection flight to Lofoten. The guards were very friendly. They simply checked my itinerary, informed me of the opening hours and left me alone for good sleep. The good thing was the airport was closed during the night so it's almost 100 safe. The bad thing was, you can't go out. But since there is actually nothing outside except for freezing cold winds or endless daytime, you don't have to worry. I stayed here overnight again 3 days later for another connection flight. Also positive. The only thing I dislike was that the security officer denied my cube of butter. Maybe they've found other usage of it on a flight other than eating?

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    Slept like a baby



    Pros: Comfortable chairs/benches, safety, nice staff

    Cons: Bright lights, everything is close over night

    (Review by indiegirl) I had to stay at Bod airport because I had an overnight layover and all hotels in Bod were full. Arrived on one of the last planes to Bod and found some very comfy benches in the entrance hall where a couple of other people (also staying over night) where already waiting. At around 0.30 a friendly security guy came and informed me that the airport would close soon and they will soon lock the doors, but it is okay to stay overnight in the area around the benches. He wrote down my name, my destination on the next day and showed me the emergency exits. I was not bothered by security staff for the rest of the night, but i felt completey safe (well this is Norway…). The benches are cushioned and comfortable ,so I decided to leave my Thermarest in my backpack and just stretch out on those. The airport is a silent airport, so there were no announcements at all. It got a little busy around 4 or 5 a.m. when the first passengers were arriving, but still it was comparatively silent. However, the lights were on and it was also midnightsun, so it was quite bright in the airport. Nevertheless I slept like a baby until the next morning. The toilets were clean and there is also a pay shower. I saw some luggage lockers next to the baggage claim. Wifi is free and there are some power outlets available. All-in-all a very good experience, I would definitely stay there again, even if there are hotel rooms available.

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