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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Boston Logan Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Trying to make it until 4am



    Pros: Kind of quiet durin the night

    Cons: Very cold, even during the summer

    Not a review but a tip. There’s a wide dinning area with tables and chairs next to the Burger King at terminal C, a couple of people were sitting down at this place, and I got a perfect spot in a corner where I placed 3 chairs next to each other to lay down on them.

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    Central Parking (Long distance for international flight)



    Pros: Left alone, Massport and Airline staff helpful

    Cons: Loud at all hours

    Terrible driving weather (home is 4+ hours on a fair day from Logan). Left late the night before for early AM international flight. Slept in minivan in central parking from Midnight arrival at Logan Landside to time ticketing counter and TSA opened at 4AM (Terminal E)
    Nobody bothered us. Felt secure in our own vehicle. Weren't driving to Logan tired/stressing about getting there on time. Downside is that noises echo in the garage. Can be pretty loud at times.

    Napped there again during the afternoon/evening about 18 months later waiting to pick up family from a progressively delayed international flight. Had a kid with me this time. She was happy to watch movies on portable DVD player and we used bathroom and shops landside.

    Having previously stayed in a day room just offsite connecting here, honestly I would totally camp in the car again if in a similar situation. Hotel Room not worth the $ for the time. Could never see trying to camp out in terminals (I've been in A,C, and E) during the day airside. It's like a zoo no matter where you are.

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    Boston Logan Airport Review



    No place to sit before security! No place to lie down after security – all chairs with armrests to discourage living down.

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    Worst TSA



    The TSA were taking bags out after they had been scanned, asked for things to be unpacked, and rescanning. They were the slowest I have ever encountered. It was “that guy” according to the woman behind me. I wish I’d taken a video. It was abysmal. Terminal A.

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    Safe, but not very good.



    )Review by 8HOURSINBOS) Terminal A – As reported in other reviews, best spot seems to be Terminal A, third level. Take escalator up, watch on left. Just before the people-mover on the right taking you to Hilton and parking area there’s a dark nook on the left. When I was there it had an artwork recycling symbol made of recycled bottle caps. Behind it is the quietest, darkest spot I could find. Hard tile floor, but out of the way. Foot traffic passes by about 30 feet away.

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