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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at George Town Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Pros: None, unfortunately

    Cons: Disorganized chaos

    Absolutely loved our trip to the Caymans. Beautiful scenery, beaches, food and especially the locals who were friendly, helpful and unbiased. Cleanest carribean island we have ever seen.
    The airport is under construction, temporary gates, security areas and ticketing lines were incredibly long. We were a party of four, all close to retirement age, so we would assume not to appear too threatening . After 3/4 of an hour of standing in packed narrow hallways inching ahead in line we reached the security area where one of us was randomly removed for a thorough search. Then two more of us had our carry on luggage taken from us and we were told " to stand over there" after a while the agent held up my bag and asked the crowd, "who's bag" . I claimed it, he ruffled through it and sent me on my way, same for our friends wife. That really backed the lines up even more. We proceeded to the gate area where there was absolute chaos, no seats available, all were full and it was standing room only. A young girl squeezing by was overheard telling her Dad that it was like human bumper cars!! Could not hear announcements for flights over the din, had to rely on word of mouth!
    My point is, even considering the construction, our parting memory of Grand Cayman is of mass confusion & disarray..

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    Nice small and packed



    International Terminal – I showed up about three hours before my flight. Had almost no wait time for check in my bags. after which I had breakfeast at a small tent across from the terminal. Security was fast to go thought, But they only have two machines to scan folks. The seat get taken up fast. as it seems all the flight out of the grand cayman leave with in maybe a two hours window. so it get very packed and loud while waiting for your flight. Also you deplane and board via stairs and walk to and from the aircraft, pay close attention as you can easy get in the wrong line and board the wrong aircraft.

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