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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Iloilo Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Second best to Mactan-Cebu



    Pros: Well-managed. Small but modern airport.

    Cons: Pre-departure area is crowded during peak hours

    It’s a nice and modern airport but it needs to improved/expanded. Departure area is crowded sometimes. Some of the staff are not friendly and approachable.

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    The best airport in the Philippines so far.



    Pros: Though it’s quite small, it still is a very nice and relaxing airport in the Philippines. The toilets are not smelly and clean. Passengers were kind and courteous, and also the staff! If I could rate this airport over 10, I’d give it an 8.5 overall.

    Cons: There are a few food choices in the airport and sometimes it could be a bit crowded. Nevertheless, it’s not a huge problem and still the airport is great.

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    Worst connecting flight experience



    Pros: Airport looks new but that’s all it's got.

    Cons: Too many to mention

    Iloilo international airport is the worst airport in the Philippines.

    Connecting flight from manila to gensan via iloilo

    Arrived at the airport at 12midnight.
    Next flight would be 7am…

    This is the scenario:

    Me: do you have shops open?
    Ground staff: none sir
    Me: any convenience store open?
    Ground staff: none sir
    Me: any kiosk open serving your passengers with connecting flights?
    Ground staff: none sir
    Me: are you sure this is an international airport????
    You dont have 24hrs store open, you dont even have mini store where passengers can buy something to eat early in the morning..
    Ground staff: nganga…
    Me: ok… is there any 24hrs food-chain like jollibee or mcdo around the place that is still open this time??
    Ground staff: only in the city sir
    Me: how about sleeping lounge or any decent place for connecting passengers to rest?
    Ground staff: only on the ground floor is open.
    Me: but no more vacant seats available…


    Where am I????

    How could you have such nerve to label your airport at international????

    #cebupacific and #iloilointernationalairport what’s wrong with you guys??? Your service sucks!!!

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    One of the best airports not just in Asia but it’s way overcrowded.



    Pros: Comfortable and relaxing interiors (temperature is just right), ample seating, budget-friendly meals (JD Cafe rocks!), charging station installed by Smart and other companies, 30mins-1hr fast wifi (now uses Smart and Globe Wifi services)

    Cons: Crowded. Needs more seats and most importantly, expansion! Sleeping is a chore due to the seat design.

    Having been flied to Iloilo occasionally to visit my hometown, Iloilo Airport, in its decade of operations, is still one of the best airports not just in the Philippines but also in Asia. Although it's not as big as NAIA, the cool and relaxing interiors are a beauty to be seen that other airports do not have. The comfortable ambiance with the right temperature also adds to its beauty. It has many basic facilities available, like souvenir shops, a budget-friendly JD Cafe plus others, fast Wi-Fi (limited to 30mins or 1 hour), a FREE charging station to charge your devices and a water dispenser. Philippines Air Asia now flies to Manila and Clark from Iloilo aside from Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific (its hub) and Air Juan.

    Going to the city from the airport is easy as riding the L300 van to SM City Iloilo or any other stop in the road going to the mall as desired (rates depend on your destination) or you can book a taxi in a counter just outside. There's still no L300 van that goes to the terminal in Jaro which has buses and jeeps plying to the northern side of Panay, bummer. Be warned that the L300 van might be stuffy hot inside because of its capacity.

    Although it's a pretty airport, the pre-departure area is crowded at times that some people tend to sit at the floor. There are ample seats though but still it gets full once the crowd rushes in. It's quite hard to sleep or take a nap though because of the seating design. Hopefully the much-awaited terminal expansion will finally push through to meet the demands of the flying public not just domestically but also internationally.

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    Iloilo Airport Review



    Terminal 1 – I like everything because I feel like I’m at home. I am not bothered to leave my hand carry things at my seat whenever I go to c.r. And I can sleep without being disrupted. Also, food are all awesome, they are really affordable.

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