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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Kos Island Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Kos Island Airport



    Worst airport I have ever been to. We were told to queue up outside in the midday sun to get in to the airport. No shade from the sun. No organisation as other coaches arrived, went to another queue and got in before us. Once inside we had to join yet another queue for the check in desks. As the Gatwick and Manchester flights were both going out within 30 minutes there was total confusion as to whether people were in the correct queue. Once you've checked in you have to join another queue to drop your luggage off. Check in desk only gave me two baggage tags instead of three so I had to go back in the queue to get another one before they took take my bags. Once inside the departure area there was no room to move around in the small area. I could smell the toilets before I found them. Only catering was a snack bar and no where to sit once you got your sandwich or drink. Duty free shop was tiny so I was in and out of it within 30 seconds. All in all until they improve this airport, which they haven't done in the last 10 years, I will NEVER return to Kos by airport. By ferry from another airport but never by air. This airport ruined what was a lovely relaxing holiday. By the time I got on the flight I was totally stressed out and in need of another holiday.

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    Ruined a Brilliant Holiday



    Pros: Coming into Kos Stress free

    Cons: Getting back out

    (Review by Rickyb) For 12 years i have travelled to Kos and never has Depatures been the same but this year was a nightmare. Took all my family this year but trying to just get to your plane lost our grand children because of the amount of people crushed into 1 room. The toilets were so packed that ladys had to use the gents, some thing needs to be done once and for all.

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    unorganised airport



    (Review by catwoman)  Never again. Kos Airport is very unorganised from standing in a massive queue outside at night, to the baggage x-ray machines breaking down every minute. Also our flight wasn’t announced until the gate was closing, so we had to push past lots of other people to get on the ‘First Choice’ flight. There are no screens available either with your flight details on once you are through into the departure lounge. It’s a very basic airport that needs more organisation.

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