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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Kuching Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Bus terminals look better than this airport



    Pros: None

    Cons: Slow Immigration queue, infested with mosquitoes, lacking of food establishments within transit area, shortage of seats in transit area, poor management of customs check

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    Budget sleepover at Kuching Airport



    Writing this for anyone who might have to stay overnight at Kuching Airport on a shoestring budget… Basically I was on a really tight backpackers budget just passing through Kuching so when I arrived at 10am in the morning to catch a flight the following morning at 8am I decided not to spend the extra USD$100 (approximately) taking a cab into town, getting an overnight room at a Backpackers and another cab back to the airport at 5am.. I don't recall any bus services to and from the city.. The airport is airconditioned and looked good enough to stay in overnight! (Apparently it was renovated and works were completed in 2008 so it looks pretty modern). I spent most of my time at McDonalds as they offer food and free wifi! Spent most other hours exploring the airport and even tried a little hike outside the airport but the humidity was overbearing so I gave up halfway into the approximately hour long walk to the nearest food centre. Overnight I slept on a bench in the departure lounge, which wasn't too bad except I got bitten by mosquitoes all night! So bring along some mosquito repellent if you're planning to do the same. I did a quick face wash and towel wipe the next morning before my next flight as there weren't any shower facilities. Overall the airport is good enough for a budget overnight stay.

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    Quiet and relatively comfortable



    Pros: Chairs without armrests

    Cons: Small airport, therefore not many amenities

    (Review by Tabaluga79) I stayed at the aiport due to my late arrival. After picking up my luggage I went upstairs to the departure area. There were quite a few rows with padded chairs without armrests. They looked a bit worn and quite stained. There were a few people sleeping already. I prepared my row of seats, locked my luggage together and laid down. The temperature was perfect, the AC was turned on in the morning. The first announcement was around 0500, when the Airport came back to live. Most shops are closed through the night and don't open before 0700 or 0800. The bathrooms were ok, not superclean, but decent. I didn't notice security and I wasn't bothered at all throughout the night. There is an information Center. Downstairs in the Arrival Hall there are some massage chairs…you have to pay for those. To get into town, you have to either get a taxi or walk to the busstop across from the Busstation Sentral. The walk is along a busy road and takes about 15 Min.

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