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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at New York City La Guardia Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    USA ‘a worst airport!!



    Pros: Close to Manhattan. ONLY pro

    Cons: Dirty , old , needs replacing can’t be renovated!!

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    Pros: Bathrooms, WIFI, security

    Cons: Airport closes 11pm-4am

    Terminal B.. there is a homeless problem because the LGA / government has not done enough to better the situation. Many people here have mental illnesses. LGA has a program called Volunteers of America. These men and womene go around counting homeless people and asking them if they want to go to a city shelter. These workers are NOT Social workers, doctors, nurses, or other medical professional. They wake people up and tell them to leave, if they do not want to go to a shelter. I know this because I am one of these homeless people. I have been staying at LGA since 2013. I do not feel safe in city women's shelter. I could not sleep. Other women had mental issues. Also, young women were gang members. I am mentally saine. In great health. I do not drink, nor do drugs. I have been looking for a stable job, but have not been lucky. I have no family and no friends. But I do work part time as a cleaner/ housekeeper. Try to get temp work in factory. I leave at 5am and do not return until 8pm. Find a seat in the food court where I try to sleep for a few hours. Also, I just happen to stumble upon this article. Wanted people to know my opinion from a homeless person. The other side of the story.

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    Pros: NA

    Cons: NA

    Worst airport experience ever in my life! I needed to wait overnight in the airport. They closed all the gates and there were not even a chair to sit.

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    2 nights at LGA



    Pros: safe + eletricity

    Cons: not so comfortable

    Slept at Terminal B. There are 2 food courts you can sleep at. One downstairs, providing lot of chairs with tables you can sleep on, also USB power-outlets and working wifi for 30min/24hours. It was quite crowded, but safe since lot of security guards roaming/sitting nearby. Problem is sometimes they want to clean the tables and chairs and they chase you off.
    2nd possiblity is food court at the end of the terminal B (upstairs) with few food and souvenir shops. Provides electrical outlet, USB charging, wifi for 30min/24hours and plenty of chairs with tables you can sleep on.

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    New York City LaGuardia Airport



    I did not sleep here but two of my plane mates did. Terminal B is open 24 hours but not the gate piers. They are swept at night and passengers are sent to the check in/food court area. It is both uncomfortable and scary with people roaming all night. Area hotels were sold out as ATC cancelled numerous flights. I had to go all the way back to Manhattan to find a room.

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