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    Last september, i went for a three day tour to North Korea. Never you mind what you've heard about the place, by the way I and the others were treated at this airport, you'd had thought we were all the royal family. The minute I entered the airport, the first noticeable thing was the cleaning staff. There was more cleaning staff there than customs, ticketing,immigration agents, etc. This airport is very old and it shows, but i'd challenge you to find one germ or bug in the place. They were constantly wiping down the seats, washing the floors, even the walls!!! I never seen such clean people as the north koreans. Once the guide found us, it was rush, rush, rush, hurry. I'd had thought that it would take a week to clear customs and immigration, but it took me less than ten minutes, and i was the last in line. They confiscated my camcorder and mobile phone, but they were both given back to me when i left. Before i left the airport, i had to go to the bathroom, and the guide let me go, but told me to "hurry, there are many things to do". My hands were black, and the black got on the door entering the bathroom, a cleaning lady gave me a very rude stare, ran over, and begun to clean the entire bathroom door. There was a toilet brush and something like comet next to every toilet, i guess you are supposed to clean it after you use it each time, all public toilets in north korea are like this. Everything is so clean. So, when we left the airport to go to pyongyang, there were old ladies outside cutting the grass with regular scissors. I saw so much of this in pyongyang, I don't understand why people who live under so much repression take such immaculate care of their surroundings. Not a stain on anyone's clothes. North koreans in pyongyang are so clean, it's unrealistic. On the way back home, we went back to the airport right in the middle of a power outage, there are many outages in north korea. After an hour, the lights came back on but it was like so dim, they were running on half the voltage.

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