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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at San Francisco Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

And for more airport information, check out our San Francisco Airport Guide where you will find all the essential information you need to know including: airport lounges, WiFi, luggage storage, showers, nearby hotels, 24 hour food options and other services/facilities available at the airport.

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    Sleeping in SFO guide



    This message was sent to us by email:

    Within the guide, the pro tip below is included
    “Pro Tip: there are padded benched in Terminal 2 near Baggage Claim #4 (post-security in arrivals). Each couch is big enough for two people, provided you like each other. Announcements are low, but bring a blanket.”

    I’d like to feedback that this “pro tip” is more a pro tip of where NOT to sleep. The area has padded benches with low light and traffic but is also occupied by homeless people at night and smells terrible.

    I would highly suggest you remove the pro tip. Or at least mention the cleanliness of the area. The arrivals floor in terminal 2 is much cleaner with mostly travelers and there are some soft benches and chairs in front of Alaska check in counters as well as between terminals 1&2 with more human traffic but are definitely cleaner.

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    Surprisingly comfortable



    Pros: Clean, safe, out-of-the-way spots with comfortable chairs

    Cons: Escalators and announcements only tone down but don’t really stop

    I had 12 hours to kill overnight connecting to a flight to Japan. As has been said, the International Terminal is pretty comfortable providing you have an eye mask and earplugs. Lots of comfortable chairs that can be moved or that you can spread across if you’re tall like I am. Definitely not as bad as I had feared, and I would definitely do it again.

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    Freshen Up… if you hate having money.



    Pros: I didn't die or get robbed

    Cons: Constant announcements, the airport only stops for business for two hours a day.

    I spent 17 hours in the upstairs international terminal because flight delays made me miss my flight home to Australia. I looked up Freshen Up and was so relieved that I could have a shower and somewhere to sleep as it was 11 PM. I headed on over and discovered that it is $25 for a shower and $40 per hour for a sleep suite, which becomes $8 cheaper after two hours. Not knowing how long I would have to stay in the airport or if I would have to rebuy new flights out of pocket (I did, instantly down $1,000 for it too) I couldn't afford their hefty prices.

    Instead I slept on the carpet in the hallway outside the business. I knew they were open 24 hours so if something bad did happen, I knew I could at least alert someone for help. Being without a boarding pass, I could only enter pre-security areas so I spent most of my time around Freshen Up and the food court nearby. It was near a bathroom and water refill station, was well lit and only had light traffic walking by. I did have a cop come by at about 4am to make sure I wasn't dead or passed out. The announcements over the PA were on a continuous loop and the airlines operating hours were 4 am to 2 am so there was only a small amount of time where it wasn't too loud. It would have been much quieter in the domestic terminal but I didn't feel safe sleeping there being a solo female traveller.

    There were many power points available throughout the airport but of course I packed my US power adaptor in my now lost checked luggage. I did discover USB ports in the food court but signs everywhere said they were only for food court customers with a 2 hour maximum use before security would move you on. Many people not eating used them and security didn't seem to care less. There were very few stores available in pre-security areas which is something to be mindful of if you don't have a boarding pass. I found the public phones very difficult to hear through based on how loud the airport is.

    It was a crap situation to be in and I assume only professionals who get their work to pay for their Freshen Up bill to use it. A lower cost would give them a lot more business. However I wasn't robbed or attacked in collective total of two hours sleep.

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    United Club, Terminal 3- Not user friendly



    Pros: Clean, quiet and nice staff

    Cons: Long padded benches but cannot recline

    When is the US going to get a clue?
    15 hour inbound international with a SFO layover but barred from reclining on comfortable benches??? Total rubbish. Also airport seating has the armrests so one cannot recline.
    All throughout Europe their humanity is apparent as reclining is possible in banks of chairs, sleep pods in Terminals, etc.
    America, wake up and treat your people better— this mentality runs throughout our culture— it is representative of the larger issues here—

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    SFO landside is okay, but infested with bed bugs



    Pros: Landside T2 Baggage Claim 4 has flat, padded sofas

    Cons: Smells like urine/body odor, lots of homeless people sleeping here, and I found a bedbug on my pillow in the morning

    I slept on the ground atop a sleeping pad in the sleeping area near T2’s Baggage Claim 4. The sleeping room smelled like urine and body odor. Yuck! I didn’t want to sleep on the flat sofas because I was afraid they might have bed bugs. It turned out to be true, as I found a live juvenile, unfed bed bug on my pillow in the morning. If I found one bed bug, then there are likely hundreds of them in this sleeping nook area, so I’d advise you to sleep airside instead. There were also a lot of homeless people sleeping in this area.

    There were loud announcements throughout the night, and the number of announcements did seem roughly equal to the number I heard airside in T2 a few weeks ago. Although the lighting is brighter in T2 airside, I recommend sleeping airside to avoid the bed bug infestation landside.

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