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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Transport between airports and to the city



    You can catch a 400 bus between terminals for $2.15. This bus is also a cheaper way to get to/from the city and pther suburbs.

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    During my solo travel time, I slept a few times in many airports. I would like share this to someone who would like to try.
    At the moment I am in a 18-hour waiting time in Sydney airport. Due to the curfew in the airport. I couldn’t stay for the whole night. So I am planning to find a place to sleep outside. I walked around. Over the car park, pass the cycling way. There is quite area “ tempe recreation reserve “. There are two long benches. Also has one cricket play ground. Soft floor, good place.
    Update: a new “T bus “ service between domestic and international terminal for free.

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    I did not sleep



    Pros: All the sleeping visitors are in the same area

    Cons: No free transport to the sleeping area

    In Sydney International Airport you are not allow to sleep in, so you must move to the national terminal where all the travelers have to stay during the late night. I saw people with face masks and we all were very quiet. I could not sleep, perhaps a experience traveler could. On that sleep area we had access to toilets and it was not cold. The chairs were normal, no cushions.

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    Sydney Airport



    Very disappointing to know that Sydney international airport closes at 11pm.
    Trains too stop operating at midnight ! So if u r planning to step out and make
    a quick visit to the Opera house, be prepared to come back by taxi if returing
    after midnight.

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    Airport Mac-Airportface



    Pros: Good Wifi

    Cons: "Don't be there in the middle of the night."

    As the main transport hub servicing the Australian public: do Sydney’s International and Domestic Airports, fail in their duty of care to travellers?

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