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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Trabzon Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Trabzon domestic



    I spent 8 hours in domestic terminal of trabzon airport. The terminal itself is very small. There is one fast food point, kinda cafe bar, newspaper kiosk and two like small “corner shops”. Staff told me that they close terminal from 00:00 to about 03:00-03:30. Because of it I decided to sit quite and “try my luck” and it was not bad idea: there were only me and one turkish lady staying in terminal (at least on second floor). A lot of sleeping space. Cafes and shops are closed after 00:00. The best place for sleeping is the cafe bar on the second floor, on the right hand side. There are long soft seats and light is turned off. Also there you can find outlet for charging some devices. Also I have found one working outlet in fast food point and one next to “Cafe Bar”, under fire hose. I don’t know about international terminal, but domestic is so small as my review 🙂 I hope you will not spend 8 hours in trabzon airport. There is realy nothing to do 🙁 but you can sleep well. Dont miss you flight 😉

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    Not suitable for sleeping.



    Pros: There is an inexpensive hotel across the street.

    Cons: You really can't sleep here.

    (Review by andrewts) I couldn't say whether or not Trabzon airport closes at night, but it is not an airport suited for sleeping. It is too small and the majority of passengers leave immediately, leaving you in a bit of an odd spot if you wish to bunk down. I suspect that the staff would not allow it either; they are not friendly. Fortunately, directly across the incredibly busy street is a hotel that is relatively pleasant and not overly expensive. You will have to walk further up the road to take the overpass to get there. The breakfast they offer is nice as well. My room overlooked the Black Sea. In the morning, if you wish to go into Trabzon, a quick dolmus ride into town shan't break the budget.

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