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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Ulaanbaatar Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Possible, I even had a good sleep!



    (Guest Review by Celimouth) Not bad, actually! My recommendation is to go upstairs in the departure hall. There is no plane leaving at night time, but nobody told me to go out of the area. There was nobody around except the lady at the exchange office, no light (that really good), very quiet untill morning, and you can lie down on the seats, no armrest between at least 3 seats in a row. So I was surprised, it was a bit gloomy but good sleep! I could even plug-in my phone.

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    Very small airport waiting for a makeover



    Pros: Small so you won't get lost.

    Cons: One restaurant and a few stores in departure area. Very basic

    (Review by sevsa) Arrival area is a small room with about 40 seats in it. A bit chaotic and definitely needs an upgrade. Ticketing in the departure area is all done at the same three counters no matter which airline you’re flying. After going through passport control there are a few stores mostly selling souvenirs and only one restaurant. Make sure you change money before going into the ticketing area or you’ll have to change it at one of the stores.

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