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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Venice Treviso Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Quite nice



    Pros: theoretically opened whole night, charging point

    Cons: if you arrive after the midnight, you will have to wait until 4-5am to re-open the terminal; wi-fi available only for 30 minutes (or even less..)

    Generally we were fourtunate to find some place on the floor to sleep. Before midnight there appeared 2 men from airfield service and wanted to check our documents but no worries – actually me and some of my friends just accompanied to the others because our flight was the day after from the Marco Polo Airport and the airfield didn't make problems. Just informed us that we had to stay at the 1st floor because otherwise the alarm would have turned on (they closed the airport about midnight and re-opened it about 4 or 5 am. At 5 am there started to come people to check-in so it wasn't possible to sleep more (unless you were tired and sleepy to death)

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    Treviso e' no sorriso



    (Guest Review by A.Giusta  Speranza) International Terminal – We have travelled to Treviso Airport before and both time horrible experience. Arrivals we have no problems with. Departures are a different matter, complete and utter shambles. Departure lounge is ill prepared for high intake of passengers,ie : insufficient seating. no one from ryanair to ask anything if you need helpor advice. Now we come to the most annoying thing about Treviso airport, last saturday march 18th our Ryanair flight was the only on the Tarmac ready to fly, the passengers for this flight were queuing to go through passport control, but also at the same time passengers for the delayed flights with no sign of planes on Tarmac were also allowed to go down escalators and stairs to a very small holding area we were held like animals, queues were trying to go to different gates, even though this area was full to bursting, customers were still allowed down the escalator and stairs, hence people being thrown from the bottom of this into waiting queue. No one of authority any where to be seen.if only to tell passengers with priority pass to go to the front it would save them getting abuse from passengers that think you're jumping the QueueAbso lute chaos. Disgusting service. when all they need is a queue barrier or may be four and a plainer sign and barrier for passengers with priority passes.

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    Treviso Airport



    Tiny dreary airport, do not even bother trying to sleep here. The airport completely lacks comfortable seating and there is no food other than vending machines. It is also quite difficult to get to, so avoid if at all possible.

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    Decent stay



    Pros: Very quiet, no security checks, very few people

    Cons: Airport locked out for the night, nothing open

    (Review by stfp) I’ve stayed overnight in Treviso (TSF) for two nights in May 2013. The airport doors are closed between 23 and 6, but if you’re inside by 23h you can stay. Both nights there were around 10-15 people in the airport. Chairs are all metallic, hard, no padding and with armrests; maybe 50 seats in total, more than enough.

    One of the times a very polite policeman came before 23h and informed us that the airport doors will close at 23h, we’re welcome to stay but won’t be able to leave the airport until 6am in the next morning; also told us that smoking is not allowed anywhere in the airport.

    If you bring an inflatable airbag you can sleep confortably on the floor.

    There is absolutely no shop or bar open during the night.

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    Lone-wolf travelers, you’ll like it.



    Pros: safe, quiet

    Cons: no free wifi, non smoking inside

    (Review by ketran) Due to my early flight, I decided to sleep at Venice Treviso airport. It was surprising me that so far, this is the best airport I’ve ever slept at.

    Treviso is the airport for cheap flights. It is located far from city center, so getting to the airport is a problem sometimes. Also, probably there are many things you don’t like about this airport, such as it closes after midnight, nothing to entertain when you feel bored, and so on. Well I believe that it shares many disadvantages with many other airports for low cost airlines. However, for the purpose of having a good sleep, this is a perfect/ideal airport.

    The airport closes after midnight, but you can stay inside if you have an early flight in the morning (in my case), or it’s too late to catch a bus to the city when you arrive. (a guy I met when I was there.) Securities will come to ask you for your passport and flight tickets. They are very friendly.

    The biggest disappointment for me is that there are only few chairs, and all of them have armrests. So either you have to sleep in (semi)sitting position, or on the floor. I was lucky to have my sleeping bag with me.

    In my opinion, it is a perfect place for those who travel alone. You’ll feel safe when you sleep there, at least, you know there are more than 4 armed guys guarding your sleep. Plus, not many people stay overnight at this airport (this makes you feel like you are the king of the airport). If you are lone-wolf traveler, you might like it.

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