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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Xiamen Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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  • no transit zone, hard times



    I was changing planes here, coming from AMS and heading to NAR flying with MF. Now you should expect it’s mainly the US who requires a preordered transit visa but not countries like China. Therefore I didn’t have any and that was what the officer at the desk clearly didn’t like. Even though it is written down that European citizens can apply for a 24h transit visum right at the airport, the officer seemed like he didn’t hear such a thing before. We had to draw in his boss who appearently knew about that rule so it was fine in the end and I got what I needed after I was questioned for some time. However the whole process lasted almost 90 min which made me only catch my connecting flight literally on the last minute.

    Edit: From what I have heared the situation has become better as there are more European travellers using MF and their Xiamen hub and it’s not uncommon anymore for the immigration to see a white guy.
    I even heared that they offer free layover tours, so if you have new experciences to bring in, let me know.

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    Mr. Jansen



    We have to wait for 7 hours it is an horrible AirPort
    No restrooms and no services while waiting.

    Never fly again over Xiamen

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    Christmas layover from hell.



    Pros: None

    Cons: Everything

    Xiamen Airlines
    Worst airline operating.

    Stole my money on the last flight. Denied boarding because of a smear on my passport then no refund. Pure profit. Should have known better.

    December 27th, 2017
    Upon boarding a return flight from Manilla, Philippines the counter attendants did not check my bag. It was not on my flight. They also put me on a tranfer visa intead of a 24 hours or 7 days visa. So upon arrival at the layover in Xiamen I was rushed by China Security Inspection personnel. The airline manager tried to coerce me into taking guilt of their mistake. And at no time told me my bag wasn't on the flight. Security Inspection asked the airline manager to leave and game a 7 day visa for my 25 hour layover.

    At the Xiamen Airlines international transfer desk, there was no English speaking service. They use a cellular phone and Google Translate. They absolutely cared less about assisting me and treated me like garbage. They refused me the complimentary hotel room because i was over 24 hours layover by 1 hour. Even though with my late arrival caused by their incompetecy i only had 23 hours. So I went to the atm and ripped out more cash than i should have needed too. Got a taxi to a hotel coincidentally Xiamen Airlines was booking the other transfer passengers into. Upon checking in they took a 100+- deposit and charged my credit card and equal amount. When i checked out at noon the next day the hotel refused to give back the cash. The wonderful Xiamen Airlines affiliate hotel likely would not charge my card because mastercard would take 2-4 percent. Worse the ATM'S outside the airport do not accept foreign cards so I had no money to pay a taxi to get 20 kilometers to the airport. The hotel owner laughed and said "It is not my problem. I don't care. Haha" Luckily some canadians overheard the commotion and got me in their taxi. Upon arriving at the airport my checked luggage was not transferred. It was now, "unclaimed luggage," because it didn't arrive on my flight because of Xiamen Airlines incompetency. Upon trying to retrieve it with 10 minutes left to clear security for boarding the returning flight Xiamen Airlines manager called China Security Inspection to search my bag thoroughly. I told them to keep it which prompted, "just take it". It made no sense since it was going through a complete screening right afterwards.

    Thanks Xiamen Airlines

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    Unaccommodating and took no responsibility



    Pros: Newer airport

    Cons: No lounge chairs, only Chinese is spoken.

    The principal airline is Xiamen airlines. They refused to give hotel lounge because I am at 30 hours instead of 24 or less. They really hurt my opinion of China and I will not fly thru here again. I'm going to sleep on a steel bench tonight.

    When I arrived I was stopped at immigration because the staff cited the wrong visa in their paperwork but took no responsibility and tried to blame me. Thinking I would blame myself. The manager pointed and yelled at me after a long flight after their complete incompetence. Nobody could speak English but I don't think it sounded apologetic.

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    Avoid it like the plague



    Never I repeat Never Never ever ever ever ever ever fly via Xiamen transfer. It is a nightmare. It's a small local airport with no transfer zone. I repeat, there is no transfer zone. Tough luck for international travellers who are only there for transfer… You have to go through immigration, fill out a bunch of forms, get a lot of stamps, pick up your luggage, get it through customs check on exit, then go to check-in for the next flight – more on that later – get your luggage through customs again, get your boarding pass, go through immigration and security again, half an hour after you just left. The whole process is ridiculous, tedious, will easily fill an entire page in your passport and steal at the very least an hour of your time, depending on what direction you're coming from and how full that flight was. If you should never ever ever ever transfer via Xiamen, this goes doubly so for any transfer that has a layover window of more than 3 hours but not enough for a stay in a hotel or to visit the city. You thought you can nip into China before the flight, just give up your luggage again real quick? Yeah, no can do. Good luck finding any place to leave your luggage in the airport, check-in doesn't open until 3 hours before the flight and there's nowhere to put it. If you don't feel like dragging your 30kg+ bags around in 30+ degrees heat to see the city and instead decide to stay in the airport, that's not much fun either. Not many places to sit down outside boarding and not even internet access. There is internet, sure. But it can only be accessed via boarding pass data (remember, check-in only 3 hours before flying out) or if you have a Chinese phone number to get a verification via SMS. The air conditioning on almost all levels of the airport outside boarding is pretty much non-functioning, so it is just as sweaty inside than it is outside. Well, maybe a little less than being inside an oven and more like standing reeeeeeally close to it. You get the picture. Additionally, if you want to buy anything at the airport or just want to get something to eat, you absolutely have to withdraw money as none of the shops or even KFC will accept credit cards. I saw a card machine at KFC, but that might just be for Chinese debit cards. Conclusion: 1/10, would not recommend. Probably the worst airport experience I ever had. Only plus point are the Chinese prices on everything, but again, it's a small airport and there is not a very broad selection of things plus the whole pay-in-cash thing. Books are ridiculous cheap, but of course in Chinese only. Not a place to stay at if you don't absolutely have to.

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