Travel Adventures: Dover to Calais Ferry

by Verne

"Various times 1999 - 2001 - This ferries are excellent! They're the highlight of any Eurolines coach travel. Must be travelled at nighttime for all the advantages! The ferries have fairly nice hot food, fair priced bars, comfy sofas, tons of places to sleep/rest during the crossing. Shops to keep yourself entertained, cheap alcohol and tobacco (in French waters), lots of amusing and some highly suspicious fellow ferry passengers to observer. You can go out onto the decks from time to time and watch the lights of Dover disappear and France come into view, with wind in your hair. Smashing!  Side Note - Although I'll swear by my review of these ferries. I should declare an interest - I did once have sex with a French girl (I knew her for a total of 45 mins) on the deck, never did see her again though - so that may make me a bit biased in favour of the these wonderful ferries."  

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