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Pretty good experience

by web-administrator (June, 2013)

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Cons: -

(Guest Review) I slept in the Paphos Airport while waiting for an early morning flight to Rome. This was my first time ever sleeping in an airport, and I was glad it was a small, safe place. We stayed on landside because the airport security did not open until closer to our departure time. There were some chairs without armrests that my friend and I napped on, and it was relatively quiet. One problem was that the air conditioning was set to a very low temperature, and I would recommend pants and a sweatshirt if staying overnight, even though the temperatures outside in Paphos are very warm.

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Paphos Airport

by web-administrator (September, 2014)

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Cons: -

(GUEST) I'd slept at many airports and this one wasn't a bad experience at all. Of course, you have to get there early in order to take a good seat(the most important thing)without armrest so you can lay down but I was lucky. There was an annoying sound continuously coming from a slot machine but I managed to unplug it and I slept fairly well afterwards. It was safe and the cleaning didn't bother us much either.

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not bad at all

by sunnn (December, 2013)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside
Pros: free wifi; open all night; just a few people during night
Cons: not so many chairs

We slept in Paphos off-season and still the airport was open all night. It's a very small airport, although it wasn't a problem - there's a lot of space on the ground, and also some chairs as well. Without us there was only one more family spending night in the airport. Everything feels safe and clean, there is wifi internet everywhere (without any passwords), airport staff are friendly. My friend, a musician, was playing inside for some time and no one got angry or anything. No one moved us, not even the cleaning crew. The only maybe a bit annoying thing was the announcements, although when flights finish they finish as well, so during sleep time it's not a problem. Also there's a beach just nearby, so during warm season I believe you can sleep there as well. During winter the airport was very warm and nice. The buses are going from the city center at regular prices, once an hour or even more often. Timetables are in the internet.

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Plenty of floor to sleep on.

by icorex (October, 2013)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside
Pros: ?
Cons: ?

The last bus from Paphos Harbor was at 00:30, so 1:ooAM on 20.10.2013 I arrived at the airport Terminal. A bit too hot inside, aldough outside is about 14C. Quiet without announcements every 2 minutes. The first arrival plain was at 03:50 so between 11:45PM on the 19.10.2013 and 3:50AM on 20.10.2013 there wore no arrivals/departures, and the landside was still open. Small food shop (probably open 24/7) offers drinks and sweets. Clean.

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by web-administrator (January, 2007)

Where: Landside and Airside

(Contributed by GUY TURNER) "I arrived around 02:00 from London on BA. In the arrivals hall was one closed bank. Outside was one cafeteria / bar - and that is all! NO BUSES - only eager taxi rivers (lots of them). The Departure hall is 200 meters away and has a smallshop selling expensive cigarettes and alcohol. The departures board was not helpful - calls were being made for flights already "departed". Half the flights showed destination "Not Available" and when a gate was called, this was not shown on the board for some time! There is NO BANK - so you cannot change your money - the Cafeteria and shop take GB Pounds and Euros at a very poor rate - but refuse to change what they have in their tills for Cyprus Pounds - looks like they are all on a rampant currency fiddle. The Duty Free shop was starngely closed for "Annual Stock Taking" - in the middle of peak Tourist season? But the prices showing in the window were not bargains. You have to get on a bus to go the 100 meters to your plane. The VAT refund office was closed." Added 30 July 2006

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by web-administrator (April, 2007)

Where: Airside

(Contributed by Peter) "I've passed through this airport several dozen times. A few years ago it went through a bad patch when it was scruffy. Now it is pleasant; food and drink from several outlets are fine. This airport is, I think, unique there is an open-air section in the departure lounge which looks out over the airport and the surrounding hills; you can smoke there, too. When you arrive at the airport car park at the end of your stay, you only have a few metres to walk and you are on a pleasant pebble beach and if the timing is right, watch the sun go down. Over the years this airport has been repeatedly improved; and now a new terminal building is in process of construction. I would think it very rare that anyone would need to sleep at the airport." Added May 15, 2007

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