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Open all night

by web-administrator (January, 2017)

Pros: -
Cons: -

(Guest Review by Naomi P) This airport, although listed as closing between 12 midnight and 3.30am on its website, actually stays open all night. I made a point of asking the lady on the info desk, and she said they have to keep it open because there are so many people every night. The night I was there, my flight arrived around 23.30pm and I stayed til my bus left at 5.30am. The airport was open all night, with toilets and some vending machines, which was great. However, the entire place is quite cold, especially in December, and so small that there wasn't really a cosy corner to settle down in. So I didn't sleep that much. But definitely better than being outside or being told to go to an expensive hotel! No-one bothered any of us staying that night - there must have been 20 people at least.

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best low-cost airport to sleep

by Nado (August, 2014)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Landside
Pros: Ideal for sleep
Cons: It's too small

This summer I made ​​a stop at this airport for the first time. It 's very small and there is not much to do there except to sleep. There are not a lot of chairs for sleeping, but are very good. There are no armrests, plus the chairs are covered in fabric, so they are very comfortable. The best place to sleep is near the air children's playground, plus after midnight, it take off half of the lights of the airport, so you can sleep. The airport does not close as it says on the site, is open all night and the security guards are friendly with tourists.

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Quite recommendable

by unai (August, 2013)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside
Pros: Quiet, small, few people people
Cons: Too few chairs for sleeping but not very much people

I spent there one night. It was my best slept at one airport. No armrest, can lay down in the chairs, few people, small, security didnt bother me at all. I sleep very well the whole night from 23 maybe till 9 am which is amazing )) Good toilets, clean, bar upstairs. Just one important advice, go early, otherise you wont find chairs for sleeping and youll have to sleep in the floor. The best place to find good chairs is in the most left corner, if you dont get a chair to sleep a recommendable place to sleep in the floor is under the stairs in the left corner.

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You can stay overnight in the terminal

by echo-charlie (September, 2013)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside
Pros: You can save money.
Cons: If you get late at the airport you won't find any seat.

I got to the airport at 00:30 from Kevelaer (a village near the airport) and at that time the terminal was open. There were people inside the terminal at that time, so it's not true the information of the website of Weeze Airport. You can read on the website 'The Terminal is daily open from 03:30 am to midnight. It is not possible to stay overnight in the terminal.' This information is false. I think that this information is on the site for the benefit of the hotels of that area. I was there on Sunday and the information desk of the airport was open at 00:30 but it depends of the flights. In summary, you can stay overnight in the terminal.

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Open all night long with 24h bar!

by mattps23 (April, 2013)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside
Pros: Quiet, Lights on, 24h Bar
Cons: Few and uncomfortable chairs, pretty cold

I had to stay at the airport to catch my flight at 7.00am in the morning. The site says the airport is closed from 00 to 3.30, this is absolutely NOT true: the airport is open, the lights are on, there's even a 24h bar. Pretty crowded, few and uncomfortable chairs, it's hard to sleep but it's ok to wait for your plane.

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Get There Early

by MarcMcG (August, 2012)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside
Pros: 24 Hour Bar
Cons: Limited Seating

I travelled to Weeze on the train from Cologne in order to catch the 7am flight to Leeds the next morning. After arriving at Weeze station around midnight i followed the airport signs that led me to an empty taxi stand, luckilly a taxi appeared within the next few minutes and he advised me to phone them next time if i arrive at this time of night. I arrived at the airport to find to my surprise a bar which was open 24 hours, there were quite a few other football fans in there from the Arsenal match so i sat in and wasted a couple of hours by having a couple of beers. I then headed off to find somewhere to sleep for the evening, the only seating area was down the far left side of the check in hall but sadly it was all taken by other travellers. My only regret was not getting there early as the seating was long padded benches without armrests - perfect for a night sleep. So i spent the remaining hours sleeping on an uncomfortable floor before passing security.

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Small and silent

by Damian (June, 2012)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside
Pros: Silent, clean toilets and no armrests
Cons: to low amount of benches

It was silent and lights were dimmed after time. Toilets were clean. To low amount of benches for this amount of people but people with sleeping bags will get some good resting time

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Night in Airport

by Lenita (April, 2011)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Landside
Pros: !
Cons: ?

I don't know why in airport website is written, that it's closed at night. Airport was open, all night, and even in this hours doors were open too, so you can go out for smoke, walk, talk, outside is some tables with chairs. And one bar - lounge when you can sit, read paper, drink coffe ar something else. I saw people there were just sitting and speaking. In night in airport were about 30-35 persons, nobody did not said nothing to us. But there is problem with a place to sit. I noticed only 35 places. But without arms in chair, so you can sleep very well, and seats are not so cold:D But as i said there were a lot of people, and less place, so on chairs were sleeping only 10-12 persons, so if your flight to Germany is late, more than 22.00 you can be without a place there. But there was a lot of place to put sleeping bag. The lights in airport in 00.00 turned to nice level, you can sleep and silence, no announcement, till 3.30, and at 4.00 - 4.30 life starts there. Now temperatur in Germany at night is around 0-3 C, Be prepared to get a little cold and put more things to your body.

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Quite good!

by aby (February, 2011)

Where: Landside
Pros: no noise, comfortable sleeping
Cons: small - nothing much to do

I had to spend one night in Weeze airport, waiting for my connecting flight. At first I was a bit worried as I've read the airport is closed during the night, but there were about 10 people sleeping! There are 2 benches at the arrival gates and 3 benches at the end of the lobby (they are long enough for 2 people to sleep on each, besides, they are covered with leather/leatherette so you lie soft and don't feel cold metal). There are also dark corners with no light behind some tourist agency booths, and there were some guys sleeping in sleeping bags with noone/nothing bothering them. It was not cold (yet it was minus something outside) and I had quite a good sleep!

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Not very nice

by patchme (May, 2008)

Reason for Stay: Other
Where: Landside

I got to Dsseldorf-Weeze around 10pm via plane from Marrakesh. I was searched for drugs by an overambitioned police guard for one hour so I missed the last bus to town. I was the only person in the little airport beside a woman at a counter who told me it was forbidden to leave ones baggage unattended everytime I went for the bathroom.

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Had a good sleep

by Arbalath (June, 2010)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Landside

Since our flight was next day, and we had to be at the gates on 6 o'clock, we decided to stay at the airport from ~16 h, overnight. Heard many tales about this one (even at the web page they write 'overnight stay not available'), however, managed to get a good nap without any distractions. At the time of writing they are still building something on second floor which is basically empty, there is only a bar far in the left, and three great benches on far right, with no people passing by. If you get a place there - great sleep guaranteed. There was lots of airport staff and security, how ever nobody bothered to ask if we had tickets, or what are we doing here at all. Not so many other people, so it was quiet in the night from 23.30 until ~5 am. Perhaps staff were not so strict due to strikes that week, when there were lots of late and canceled planes, just because I'm not sure if next time would be so good I give this airport 4 stars.

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Very good

by remi3 (April, 2010)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure

I come to airport at about 23:00. Next flight I had at 10:00. I was sleeping hole night in my sleeping bag. There are seats without armrests. Very comfortable. No problems with airport staff. Very good airport to sleep.

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Quite OK

by sparite (April, 2010)

Reason for Stay: Just for the fun of it
Where: Landside

This was my first experience to sleep in airport and overall the night was ok. The airport is small but we found good enough place under the stairs. There were two main problems - coldness in the morning and people starting to move around already at 4 am. We slept on inflatable mattresses but there are also quite good chairs without armrests. PS. If you spend more time there, I really advise to go and see closest towns - Weeze and Kevelear. They both are beautiful and peaceful places worth seeing. Also the border of Netherlands is very close.

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nothing special

by stevboy (December, 2009)

Reason for Stay: Connection between flights
Where: Landside and Airside

This is a small airport, but if you are lucky you can find a good place for sleeping. There are chairs without armrest and You can sleep like in a bed. The only stupid thing was an indoor merry-go-round for children there and children came all night and played with this, and made terrible noises. The toilet was clean and there were a restaurant, coffee, shop.The security guide let us alone, nobody bothered us.

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by wandervogel (January, 2010)

Reason for Stay: Early flight departure
Where: Landside

it still works. we arrived at midnight an had a quite night. U can use the internet there(wich costs of course). p.s.: i don't recommend the hot chocolate from the coffee automat.

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